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Well-rounded student Kenny Edwards secures Valedictorian and Student of the Year for the Dominica Grammar School

Well-rounded student Kenny Edwards secures Valedictorian and Student of the Year for the Dominica Grammar School

Along with Casier Cadette, Kenny Edwards secured the title of Valedictorian of the Dominica Grammar School graduating class 2022. Moreover, Edwards was awarded Student of the Year in addition to many other subject and sporting awards.

Upon interview with Emonews, he voiced, “Well I feel proud of myself first of all having completed this milestone. I also feel motivated to continue to work even harder to achieve what I want to accomplish in the future.” Like any other student facing challenges, Edwards highlighted that there were many hurdles to overcome along the way. “These included improving my time management skill and interruptions during my high school period for example Hurricane Maria and the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, my number one challenge was remaining consistent,” he noted.

In addition, Edwards pointed out that he was able to overcome the many challenges through the help of teachers, family and peers. He articulated, “Well, I had help of course. My teachers would give me advice along the way. During the interruptions through the years, especially the pandemic I would use the internet as my second teacher when things got difficult. Learning online was a little different since I had to be responsible to get things done on my own.” With adequate guidance and help from his support system, he was able to successfully convert this journey into one of his greatest milestones thus far.

As a scholar student and athlete, Edwards saw the need to encourage other students to create a balance in whatever they sought to achieve. “I would say setting up short term goals always helps. Nonetheless, you have to be motivated. Without motivation and dedication, even a small task can be impossible,” he guided.

Moreover, he stressed the need to keep going despite the difficulties encountered in life. “Never give up. You may fail over and over but you won’t succeed if you don’t try.  You may think the reason for my success is that I studied hard, was patient and consistent but that’s only half of it. It would have been easier if I learned the other half sooner because with hard work, patience and consistency success is possible but with smart work, patience and consistency success is inevitable,” he expressed.

Edwards hopes to pursue medicine in the future and looks forward to discovering more talents and passions.

Emonews extends warm congratulations to Kenny Edwards and wishes him all the best in the near and distant future.

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