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Looking For A Role Model? Look No Further

Looking For A Role Model? Look No Further

At a time when men are being heavily criticized for being laid back, this young man stands out. This is the inspirational success story of Jenkins Bobb who recently graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in International Trade. In his own words…

Coming from the community of Grand Bay and the City of Roseau respectively, my mother and father were able to overcome many adversities as a couple while nurturing a family and raising children. I, Jenkins Bobb, was a part of that large family growing up in GrandBay. Between the tutelage of my parents and the spiritual guidance of the church (Seventh-Day Adventist Church), which both played a vital role in shaping my life, I was able to come through to this moment.

The majority of my academic career took place throughout my community of Grand Bay. During my formative years I thoroughly enjoyed both the academic and sporting sides of my school life. Having dedicated teachers who encouraged my classmates and I, certainly aided greatly in my academic growth. Teacher Evans, Teacher Lilian, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Larry Thomas, Mrs. Sarah Joseph, Ms. Tavernier, Mr. Victorine are just a few out of the many. I vividly and fondly remember my years as a preschool student back at “Teacher Leah’s”, a small local preschool in my community. There, I was taught more than just ‘ABC’s’ and ‘123’s’. Instilled into me were certain values that still influence my behavior today. During primary school, I developed a keen interest in numbers and calculation which fueled my fascination in mathematics. I certainly have to give kudos to my classmates throughout these years whose intense competition to always be ‘number 1’ in the classroom, helped drive me to do my best. During high school, I floated towards a love for computers which suddenly held a tight grip on my interest. I went on to learn more about computers during my time at the Dominica State College. My community definitely exposed me to a variety of scenarios, people, opportunities and even challenges in life which played a role in shaping who I am today. My love for sports began in my community. The government provided many facilities and avenues for sporting growth in Grand Bay. Although never participating on a professional level, I did engage in many different sports such as cricket, football, badminton, table tennis and basketball. Grand Bay should not only be seen as the cultural capital of Dominica but a sporting community as well, which has been home to many famous national athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen.

My decision to study in China was met with many moments of skepticism and objections, but ultimately it was my faith in God and confidence in my ability which led me to make that choice. The positive relationship between The Commonwealth of Dominica and the People’s Republic of China was an encouraging factor and an assurance of my safety and possible success in studying here. Studying in China is unique, rewarding and rigorous all at the same time. It is vital to have a support system. My parents, siblings, church family and friends back home all supported me in any possible way. Here in China, many thanks go to my country-mates who helped me throughout the way. Malik, Kede, Ghandi and Darron all pushed me to overcome the challenges of learning a new language and adapting to a different culture.  The Dominican Embassy and the resident Ambassador H.E Mr. Martin Charles has been a supportive presence from day one in office, right throughout the global pandemic and even till today. I would also like to thank my former parliamentary representative and minister, The Honorable Nurse Justina Charles, for her assistance and confidence in me. My Chinese friends, family, classmates and teachers smoothened out the path to a successful journey as well.  I majored in International Economics and Trade, a blooming field here in China which presents plenty of room for growth and relations between the People’s Republic of China and The Commonwealth of Dominica. I will certainly look back fondly upon the many extra-curricular activities I participated in, such as visiting the Great Wall, Dominica’s Independence Day celebrations organized by the embassy, expos to promote Dominica’s culture, basketball competitions and Chinese calligraphy writing.

My current goal is to seek more opportunities along that path and take each one as it comes. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns but as long as we remain steadfast, we can push ahead and overcome.

Congratulates to you, Jenkins and all the best in all that you decide to do.

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