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Huckster Association Shows Appreciation To Long-serving Executive Secretary 

Huckster Association Shows Appreciation To Long-serving Executive Secretary 

The Dominica Huckster Association 1995 Ltd, on Wednesday held a special meeting to show appreciation to Cecil Joseph who has served with the Association for thirty-eight(38) years and who is retiring.

President of the Hucksters Association, Jennifer Sharplis said that Mr. Joseph has toiled with them for many hard years and was instrumental in the formation of the Association. 

Executive Secretary, Leandra Laidlow said that Mr. Joseph is a very caring individual and that is the best trait that one can have as part of an organization. She mentioned witnessing interactions with Mr. Cecil and hucksters and was impressed with how he handled the situation in a caring manner. She said further that it is always good to show gratitude and while this ceremony took a while to happen, they just could not let Mr. Joseph retire without recognizing him.

Cecil Joseph

Other members of the executive joined their voices in praising Joseph’s work and noted that he will be terribly missed. 

In his response, Joseph said that he was pleasantly surprised. He said leading the organization at the beginning was a challenge as they only had a little money from overseas and about 35 members. He reminisced of some challenges involving customs and finding a location, which may now be looked back on with some humour. However, with his experience from Marketing board, they were able to push forward and make the organization what it is today. He made special mention of his Executive members who have been very supportive over the years.

Joseph said that almost all hucksters reached a point were they ‘koule’ but they were able to come to the association to get help. He thanked the organizers for recognizing his work and wished them well.

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