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Death Announcement of 60 year old Hyacinth Jacob better known as Debra or Debbie of Bense

Death Announcement of 60 year old Hyacinth Jacob better known as Debra or Debbie of Bense

It is with profound sadness that we announce the Death of Miss Hyacinth Jacob commonly known as Debra or Debbie age 60 o of Bense.

She will be remembered by two adopted children Jaililah Jacob and  Nick Walters

6 Brothers: Arlinton Lawrance, Noelyne john jules ,Renolson Leblanc ,Chrispin Leblanc, Oliver Jacob and Enoch Jacob  

4 Sisters :Alister John Jules, Jacquline John jules, Avril Leblanc, Francillia Jacob in Florida

Two sisters in law Alix John Jules and lyndale Leblanc

Numerous nieces: Lister Fabien Fritz  Axelle Desbonnes, Christelle Athanase , Aliea John Jules, louisette Joseph , Noema Valerie , Nicole Valerie, Renisha Leblanc, Renoya Leblanc, Neisha Jacob and Valeska Jacob

Nephews: Cliff James, Micheal Desbonnes , Steeven Desbonnes, Arl John Jules, Arlston john Jules, Royerson Leblanc, Dalton Leblanc, Dervonie guiste, Nath Boland, Loanne boland,Taylor Boland Evanda Dupuis, Shane Jacob, Damien Dupuis, Falon Dupuis

Two nephews: in Law Soames Fritz and Derick Joseph

Two nieces in Law: Natasha Paul James and Valda Garaway

Grand Neices: Solannie Fritz, Yasmin Roberts, Thalia Athanase, Kurlannie Desbonnes, hope George, Deanna Leblanc,Isabelle Desbonnes, Nadej Desbonnes, Thalisa Joseph.

Grrand Nephews: Kurt Registe, Scott Fenelon, Reiley Desbonnes, Neil joseph, Kerbian John Jules, Nahum Desbonnes, Niel Kiste, Kemuel Kisten, Leandre peter


Close Friends and Family including Agnesia Felicite, Francillia Esprit, Beverly Jacob, Sylvie Shillingford, Marlyn Figaro, Amoy Figaro Lucie Felicien, Margaret Rose,Jeff, Nola Carbon Maudlyn Kelley Steve Peters, Vanda Joseph Nomen Theodore Flora Thomas Flora and Coco Thomas, Sharon St jean.
Parliamentary Representative Hon Lakeyia Joseph ,Miss Roselyn Paul, The Massicot Family of Bense the Celestine Family of Bense and Calibishie
The Joseph Family of Bense The Paul Family of Paix bouche
She will remembered by the NEP beautification team of Bense and the communities of Bense Anse De mai Ansoldat.

The body of the Late Hyacith Jacob will be transported from the Gentle Rest Parlor on Wednesday September 27 for viewing at 2:00 pm and service at 2:30 pm at the Bense Seventh Day Adventist Church and interment at the Bense SDA cemetery.

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