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Text from Mr Charles’ presentation from Team Unity’s virtual Press Conference

Text from Mr Charles’ presentation from Team Unity’s virtual Press Conference

Team Unity Dominica is pleased to endorse Sylvanie Burton on her nomination for the office of President of the Commonwealth of Dominica. In our September 18 which followed from our previous statement, we signaled our intention to stand with the nominee presented by the Hon. Prime Minister of Dominica for several reasons:

  1. Mrs. Burton is eminently qualified for the position: she has served the Kalinago people and Dominica with appreciable acclaim, she would be our nation’s first woman President

– this alone is worthy of an endorsement;

  • The majority of young Dominicans holds a positive view of the nomination;
  • The rank-and-file Dominica seem comfortable with the Prime Minister’s choice for President;
  • The nominee represents a new twist in era in the Presidency;
  • Her indigenous Kalinago heritage, the entire Kalinago community and the country by extension gets to celebrate an achievement which rarely comes around;
  • The Office of President is beyond what is normally debated about and we believe that Mrs. Burton can distinguish herself in the office of President;
  • The function of Head of State is a matter of all the people, and not the majority party as some may argue;
  • We believe that there is a silver lining feeling about the prospects and unfolding of the Presidency which could be headed by Mrs. Burton, if she indeed become President;
  • It makes good political sense to stand united behind this nominee, and the magnanimity which this endorsement carries is worth more than a failed bid to seek to political upstage, or to slow down the process;
  1. Her ascendancy to the Dominican Presidency will serve as a boost to the original people-the Kalinago;
  1. The people of Dominica want to see some sense of togetherness on issues, and this is an issue that we can agree to join the opponents on;
  1. 12.  Our endorsement is not a compromise in any way shape or form, instead, it is a strategic, thoughtful, genuine and deliberate gesture to show support for the Kalinago people, to celebrate women’s achievements, and to reach out and commend the Hon. Prime Minister for his decision to be bold and different with his idea about the Presidency;
  1. The endorsement serves as a commencement; a new start, a new era, a different journey, a twist in the Dominica’s administrative fervor;
  1. Our endorsement opens up an avenue for conversations and collaboration which had not been part of the Dominican political climate in recent decades;
  1. Ours is a mature stance of brave defiance and solid support for what’s good about being Dominican; we call it as we see it and TUD will forever adopt a progressive approach to politics, both in and out of office.
  1. We do not believe in opposing for opposing sake; there must be something political opponents should agree on and this is one of those;
  1. We believe our endorsement is ordained by the good books, the Holy Bible: Ecclesiastes

4:9-12 Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor”. This endorsement is further informed by the Holy Scriptures which tells us that we should “not associate with a man given to anger (Proverbs 22:24);

  1. 18.  We are of the firm conviction that love and compassion are real, and these help to ground our endorsement;
  1. We endorse Mrs. Burton because her nomination was made in keeping with Constitutional protocols and, based on the power of the majority, will most likely become Dominica President – it would be a great fault to stand in opposition to a good candidate.

We reiterate that our team stands “ready to work with the presidential nominee in the capacity of President”. As we earlier stated, “our pledge is to build bonds of unity for meaningful progress” and this recommendation of Mrs. Burton serves as a testimony to this pledge.

We strongly advise against any activity which could widen the fracture in the Kalinago community and Dominica by extension. Having a Kalinago woman or man run against Mrs. Burton would be a gross partisan political mistake. TUD, however, understands and respects the Opposition’s decision to follow the Constitutional process by nominating an alternative candidate.

It is our hope that this endorsement signals to the youth of our nation that we are willing to engage and that the wheels of UNITY turn with TUD – your UNITY platform for Dominica’s progressive politics.

We hope that the election process for Dominica’s next President goes smoothly.

Yours in unity,Carlos Charles – Unity Leader

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