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A loud call for vaccinations as authorities seek to obtain herd immunity in Dominica

A loud call for vaccinations as authorities seek to obtain herd immunity in Dominica

Dr. Keevian Burnette, National Coordinator of the National Covid-19 Vaccination Unit expressed that the government of Dominica has been putting tremendous efforts into obtaining herd immunity.  He expressed, “The government of Dominica is solely committed to ensuring the optimal health of all citizen and in doing so continues to play an integral role in the fight against Covid-19. A number of Covid-19 vaccines are available in our country right now, namely, Sinopharm, Astrazeneca and soon to arrive, Pfizer.”

According to him, these vaccines are administered in an effort to achieve immunity across the island. “As we are all aware, vaccination is one of the ways to help prevent the transmission and spread of this dreadful disease,” he stated. 

Furthermore, it is because of this that the Covid-19 Vaccination Unit has embarked on a mission to make vaccines available to every Dominican free of charge. The vaccines are available in all type 3 health centers within the seven health districts. Dr. Burnette announced that as of September 8th 2021, 22,930 persons have been partially vaccinated while 20, 464 persons have been fully vaccinated.

He expounded that the eligible population for vaccination in Dominica, that being persons twelve and over, is 59,751. To obtain herd immunity, 80% of the eligible population would have to be vaccinated which is a total of 47,800 persons. Moreover, as of September 1st 2021, the Vaccination Unit has set a target of 24, 958 persons. 

Additionally, Dr. Burnette explained that the unit has commenced an elderly vaccination outreach which targets elderly persons within all health districts. Likewise, they have also organized community outreach incentives by collaborating with social activists and prominent persons within various communities. These outreach initiatives have only been possible with the mobilization of health personnel to both private and public sectors. 

According to Dr. Burnette, “The evidence is clear. The unvaccinated is at greater risk of contracting Covid-19 and even worse, getting severely ill and dying. WHO expresses that safer and effective vaccines are the game changing tool but for the foreseeable future we must continue wearing our masks, washing our hands as well as boosting our immune systems, namely with our essential vitamins.”

Dr. Burnette concluded by stating that all six Covid-19 related deaths were unvaccinated and the results show that most symptomatic persons are unvaccinated. Accordingly, he calls on every resistant and hesitant Dominican to seek proper medical advice and to get vaccinated within any of the seven health districts. 

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