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Ten students awarded scholarships to pursue studies in China

Ten students awarded scholarships to pursue studies in China

The Chinese Government Scholarship program will again host ten(10) Dominican students while they pursue their university education in China.

Te students were awarded their letters at a ceremony held at the Fort young Hotel on Thursday 24th July, 2023. At that ceremony the Chinese Ambassador to Dominica His excellency Lin Xianjiang as well as Preisdent Charles Savarin and Mrs Savarin together with the Minister of Education Octavia Alfred were present at this ceremony.

The students who received their letters are Ariel Rogers, Clitson Belleau, Jedidiah Ferrol, Kenan Lokey, Niyyat T.L Muhammed and Valerian Philogen. The balance of the ten are currently in China pursuing their masters degree.

At the ceremony the education minister averred, “I am gratified to participate in this handing over ceremony that will give ten more of our students the opportunity to further their studies in China”.

The Chinese Ambassador to China relayed that about 170 Dominicans have been given the opportunity to study in China since the birth of Dominica and China’s diplomatic ties in 2004. He also heartened that students take time out to explore the beauty of China and to share their experience with their family and friends back in Dominica.

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