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Statement from the Office of Disaster Management on Tropical Storm FIONA

Statement from the Office of Disaster Management on Tropical Storm FIONA

Tropical Storm FIONA continues on a westerly track towards the Leeward Islands today, September 16 2022.
At 6:00 AM today, Dominica was placed under a Tropical Storm WATCH given the possibility of the island experiencing tropical storm conditions with the passage of this weather system this evening into Saturday morning.
At 11: 00 AM today, the center of Tropical Storm FIONA was located near latitude 16.0 North, longitude 59.4 West, approximately 130 miles East North-East of Dominica, moving in a westerly direction near 14 mph. The center of FIONA is expected to pass 55 miles north of Dominica tonight.
The possible impacts for Dominica are as follows:
• Rainfall amounts of 3 to 5 inches (75 to 125 mm) with higher amounts in elevated areas
• Flash flooding and landslides
• Wind gusts of Tropical Storm Strength
• Rough seas on the East, North, and West coasts
Residents are advised to:
i. Continue to monitor the progress of this weather system.
ii. Limit outdoor activities particularly during the evening of Friday, September 16, 2022, into Saturday, September 17, 2022.
iii. Exercise caution in hotspots for flooding and landslides and be ready to take quick action.
iv. Take time to check on their emergency kits.
v. Stay tuned to the official media outlets for updates on the progress of the system and the actions of the National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO).
The National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO) Mechanism is on ALERT and will continue to monitor the progress of Tropical Storm FIONA and provide updates as necessary

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