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Death Announcement of 70 year old Carmen Isaline George Etinoffe of Calibishie

Death Announcement of 70 year old Carmen Isaline George Etinoffe of Calibishie

We announce the death of 70 year old Carmen Isaline George Etinoffe of Calibishie. She was born on November 26th 1952.  She died on the 2nd of August 2023 at the China Friendship Hospital

She left to mourn:

Sisters: Anastasie George, Euvey Honore

Brother: Richardson George

Children: Irvin Carbon, Kasetel Etinoffe, Chris Joseph

Grand children: Tyrese and Ernelle Carbon

Nieces: Barbara Honore, Edma Elusma, Tina Lawrence, Euvenia George, Jocelyn George, Lounette George, Tins George, Rose & Rosey George, Linda George, Ingrid Baptiste, Kimberly Pioche, Julia Pioche, Kisha George

Nephews: Kerby Elusma, Tarzun George, Vivian George, Joff Baptiste,

Robertson George, Marklyn Lawrence, Lennox George, Richardson & Russian George, Jerald Davis, Curlson Pioche, Kess Davis

Sister in Law: Andrea George

God Child:  Paula

Family and Relative: Laurelle, Marilyn Riviere, Jenivette, Normalene Francois, the Fabien family of Bense, George family of Calibishie, Etinoffe family of Woodfordhill and Wesley and the entire community of Calibishie

Close Friends: Rosaline, Manuella, Inna Warner, Douglas, Bernard

Care taker: Donaley George

The funeral service for the late Carmen Isaline George Etinoffe will  take place on Friday 25th August, 2023 at the Wesley Roman Catholic Church. Viewing at 1:00pm and funeral service begins at 1:30pm.

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