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White Potatoe Cooperative Urges Farmers To Participate in 2023-2024 Season

White Potatoe Cooperative Urges Farmers To Participate in 2023-2024 Season

The newly established White Potato Cooperative has issued an appeal to its members and other interested persons to prepare for participation in the upcoming planting season, in order to increase the availability of White Potato on the island. Recently, stakeholders met to finalize plans for the disbursement of seeds which is expected to begin soon.  

President of the Cooperative, Mrs. Ruth Augustine Guye, says that while many farmers planted late and did not realize a profit, this should not serve as a discouragement for this planting season.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances and many setbacks including the lack of machinery, farmers planted late and suffered losses because of the harsh weather we experienced late February into March. However, I would like to urge farmers to prepare now, so that they may be able to plant from December into January. That way, they will not have the same challenges of last year.  Further, the ministry has sourced more machinery and farmers will receive assistance in one way or another to ensure that we have a better planting experience. There is a tiller registry that persons can utilize to schedule when they desire to have their tilling done. Persons may contact their extension officer or the cooperative in that regard.”

She added, “We want to remind farmers that there is money to be made in White Potatoes and we must ensure that we get our share of the pie”.

The ministry of Agriculture has partnered with DEXIA and other stakeholders to pilot island wide planting of White Potatoes and have made significant investments in that regard. This initiative forms part of the ministry’s goal to increase the contribution of agricultural products to our Gross Domestic Product significantly by 2030.

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