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Results of the DCF National Chess finals

Results of the DCF National Chess finals

Results of 2024 National Chess Championships

After 9 rounds of round robin matches, the finals of the 2024 National Chess Championship concluded on Thursday, June 6th with the following results:

1st place with 7 points:        Robert Bridet           

2nd place with 7 points:        Jones Murphy          

3rd place with 6 points:        Larry Thomas          

4th place with 5.5 points:     Nigel Francis            

5th place with 5 points:        Lyndon Auguiste     

The Women’s tournament also concluded after 7 rounds of Swiss matches. From the 9 contenders, here are the top 3 awardees:

1st place with 7 points:                    Ayani Casimir                      

2nd place with 6 points                     Liudmila Domennova         

3rd place with 4 points:                    Zahidu Henry                       

The top 5 players from each tournament will be selected to represent Dominica on the Men’s and Women’s teams at the 45th chess Olympiad in Hungary in September 2024.

A great, big THANK YOU to our sponsors – Ocean Edge Development, Big Edge Financial Services, DoIt Center, Dr Robinson’s Family Dental Practice, Bluesky Realtors, Dunstan Ducreay, Dr Damien Dublin, J Astaphans & Co., and the Dominica State College.

The Dominica Chess Federation congratulates all winners and salutes all who took the time to compete in the 2024 National Chess Championships.

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