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Minister for National Security Addresses the Issue of Illegal Firearms and Proposes a gun and Ammunition Amnesty 

Minister for National Security Addresses the Issue of Illegal Firearms and Proposes a gun and Ammunition Amnesty 

At a Ministry of National Security press conference, the Minister of National Security and Legal Affairs, Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore, highly commended the efforts of the CDPF as well as the Custom and excise division for their collective fights to rid the street of unlicensed firearms and perpetrators of dangerous crimes. 

He also stated that depriving someone of life is the single most dangerous threat to our peace and security as a small nation state.

Blackmoore recognized the efforts of the Prime Minister for responding positively to every request of the police force to fight this phenomenon. He expressed that his ministry will be adopting a holistic approach in addressing the concerns of crime more so ridding our streets of illegal firearms.

In light of this alarming issue, the minister proposed that another gun and ammunition amnesty be offered to the nation for a short period of one month. This period is one which does not attract prosecution but which aims to allow people to surrender the illegal firearms or unregistered firearms without fear of legal jeopardy of being charged or prosecuted. The amnesty is directed to two sets of people namely; those who are aware that they are in possession of illegal firearms, ammunition or components and secondly to those who are perhaps innocent of a weapon component or ammunition and possibly is even unsure as to its legal status and are too frightened to do anything about it.

He encouraged the public to ensure that their loved ones abide by the amnesty period and to report to any police station on island.

Upon the expiration of that period, Blackmoore added, “the government will go to Parliament and will significantly strengthen our guns and bailing acts to close every loop hole. Thereafter, if you are found with an illegal firearm or ammunition you should go to jail for a minimum of five years and if the firearm is used to hurt someone or rob someone or God forbid to kill someone you should wait in jail till the trial date of the case.”

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