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Introducing The Incidental Author: Addy Paul Launches TIA Books!

Introducing The Incidental Author: Addy Paul Launches TIA Books!

Meet Addy Paul, the accidental children’s author who has turned life’s unexpected twists into a delightful series of children’s books. Addy’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and the profound impact of little moments. Under the banner of TIA Books, Addy Paul brings vibrant stories to life, all inspired by real-life adventures with young learners.

The Incidental Author: From Food Manufacturing to Children’s Books

In 2023, Addy found herself at a crossroads. Having restarted her food manufacturing business in 2021 and resigned from her role as an 11th grade high school teacher, she eagerly dove full-time into her business. Yet, by January 2023, the business faced unexpected challenges, leading her back to the classroom as a substitute teacher and tutor.

Working with children sparked a new light in Addy’s life. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be writing, illustrating, and publishing children’s books,” Addy shares. “It truly happened accidentally.” One day, while supervising kindergartners, inspiration struck. Armed with her phone and Google Docs, she began crafting stories that captured the whimsical and heartwarming moments she observed daily.

A Twist of Fate and a New Path

Addy’s journey took an unexpected turn when she suffered a severe head injury that left her unconscious while supervising recess one day. She suffered the debilitating effects of a head concussion and was resigned to recovery at home. She channeled her energy into healing and learning and in the process, she learned as much as she could about creating children’s books. “Interestingly, what I thought was bad luck turned into a learning experience and a blessing,” she reflects. “This process became therapy for my brain and slowly but surely helped in my recovery.”

Introducing the Love & Learn Series

TIA Books proudly presents the Love & Learn Series, a collection of five enchanting picture books for children 4 -7 years old:

  1. Just One Me – A celebration of self-acceptance and uniqueness.
  • Just How I Feel – Helping children navigate and understand their emotions.
  • Just Our Jobs – Introducing kids to various professions.
  • Just Maddy and the Potty – A story of friendship and courage.
  • Just Santa’s Fun in The Sun – A tropical twist on Christmas cheer.

Interactive Learning for Little Ones

Recognizing the gaps in fundamental skills among children, Addy created a series of interactive workbooks designed for preschoolers, kindergartners, and 1st to 3rd graders. These workbooks cover essential skills in penmanship, math, english, and reading, providing fun and engaging ways for kids to learn.

  • Penmanship Workbook & Notebooks
  • Math Workbook
  • Activity Workbook 1
  • Activity Workbook 2 (coming soon)

A Symbiotic Relationship with Education

Returning to her roots in education, Addy now works as a tutor for a special population of students, finding inspiration in their stories and challenges. “My books give them inspiration and help them with learning, and in turn, the students provide me with inspiration. It is a symbiotic relationship and validation for TIA Books,” she says. Addy plans to continue writing more engaging children stories and interactive learning books.

About Addy Paul

Adelaide Paul, affectionately known as Addy, has always been passionate about education and creativity. Addy Paul’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and the unexpected paths life can take. Addy continues to touch young hearts and minds with her engaging stories and educational resources.

Books are available for purchase on Author: Addy Paul

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About TIA Books: TIA Books, founded by Addy Paul, is dedicated to creating engaging, educational, and inspiring children’s literature. Born from a journey of unexpected turns and challenges, TIA Books aims to instill fundamental skills and joy in young readers through imaginative storytelling and interactive learning.

Join Addy Paul on her journey and discover how stories can inspire, teach, and bring joy to every child’s life.

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