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Dominica’s Largest Customer Service Organization Hosts the Gathering of Champions Business Conference in Roseau

Dominica’s Largest Customer Service Organization Hosts the Gathering of Champions Business Conference in Roseau

On May 17th the largest gathering of service professionals will take place at the Emerald Movie Theater in Roseau, Dominica, for the Gathering of Champions event.” This is the First Customer Service Business Conference to be hosted by the Island and will feature participation from 180 service professionals representing, regional attendees and local professionals in the public service, corporate private sector and MSMEs. This customer service conference is being publicized as the ultimate business service experience and an opportunity for service professionals to network with the most progressive service brands and organizations across the region and on our Island.

The conference features 3 keynote speakers from across the region with a reputation for being the best in-service leadership. According to the President of the Institute Mrs. Natasha Yeeloy Labad, this Business Conference is a must-attend event for anyone looking to take their service skills to the next level. Whether you are in hospitality, retail, healthcare, or an independent professional looking for an opportunity to connect with service professionals we welcome you as this conference will provide you with a number of valuable resources, and specially tailored opportunities to help you excel in your feld.

The conference can be attended both live and online. With the ultimate conference experience available to all attendees, the Gathering of Champions Business Conference promises to be a game-changer for service professionals on Island.

“The Executive of the DIOCS are thrilled to be hosting this ground-breaking conference,” said a representative of the Dominica Institute of Customer Service.

“We invite all service brands and organizations to attend and take advantage to provide their employees with a once-in-a-lifetime motivational and empowerment business conference. It only takes 1 person to change the course of your organizational and operational success! That opportunity to connect with the best in service professionals is now available and it comes with many exciting resources.”

According to Vice President Mrs Alice Dalrymple, attendees can expect a power-packed conference. That includes a free e-book on winning with service, conference gift certifcates, discounted business cards, discounted corporate attire, and free training scholarships from the Institute and conference collaborators! Look out for the Brands you love and trust they are about to bring you the best that money can buy!

To register and learn more about the Gathering of Champions Business Conference, please visit our event link on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also contact the Dominica Institute of Customer Service at 767-440-8606 or 225-8606 for tickets or email [email protected] for additional information.

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