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Dominica’s cultural and tourism advocate Dr. Violet Cuffy dies in England

Dominica’s cultural and tourism advocate Dr. Violet Cuffy dies in England

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events Management at the University of Bedfordshire, Dr. Violet Cuffy, has died. Cuffy has left a mark on various people and places but more so the culture of Dominica.

Notably, she was the founder of Waitikubuli Culture and Tourism Initiative (WCTI), which caused her to develop a greater passion for educating young people on embracing their cultural heritage. Annually, Cuffy would also be extremely elated to host the Ms. Wob Dwiyet pageant for the Independence season.

Moreover, she sought to make valuable contributions in the fields of tourism, events and research. As a senior lecturer, Cuffy expressed that she enjoyed working within higher education with special interest in principles of education and training.

As a true cultural and tourism advocate it is of no surprise that her research interests included cultural events and festivals, carnival studies, diaspora heritage and culture, lifelong education and training, entrepreneurship and small business development, community tourism, product developing and management, destination management and island tourism.

Furthermore, Cuffy was also an author of numerous texts, both published and unpublished. Her most recent publications include Widening Access to Tourism and Hospitality Higher Education: the Queen Margaret University (QMU) Academy Model (2015), Lifelong Tourism: Current and Future Trends in Scottish Universities (2017) and An insider-outside Exploration of Dominica’s Kalinago Culture, Indigenous engagement, research partnership, and knowledge mobilization (2019).

In addition, Cuffy will be remembered for her vast contribution to the Commonwealth of Dominica in the areas of education, culture and tourism, having been a teacher at the St. Martin Secondary School and a Community Tourism Business Development Officer, while residing in Dominica.

As an individual who was determined to advance knowledge in the fields of tourism, education and culture, Cuffy’s positive impact will live on in her books, articles, presentations and love for country and culture.

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