Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement of 92 year old Saint Maria Sablon Gasper of Mero

Death Announcement of  92 year old Saint Maria Sablon Gasper of Mero

We announce the death of Saint Maria Sablon Gasper of mero better known as ma-Son/Da-Saint.

She died at her residence in Mero on the 22nd December 2021 at the age of 92.

She was a member of the North Eastern Funeral Association .

She survived by her children Rolson and Garner Gasper Ruth Serrant 

Adopted children Dr. Irvin Pascal and Dian Pierre 

8 Grand children Garn and Giftus Johnson in St. Thomas Judy Wimberley and Julia Smith in Florida Lyna Francis in Guadeloupe Kareem Gasper  in London Berge Jr and Hope Serrant  in Antigua 

15 Great grand childrenBrittney, Garnet, Dante’, G’ Guan, Niara, Kayla, Karissa, Keira-Rose, Kehmai, Tanycia, Elina, Onaily, Omani Andrés  and Ma’Kai

1 Brother Edis Mathew  Sablon 

2 Sons in-law Thomas Johnson and Berge Serrant 

1 Sister in-law Victoria Sablon

1 Brother in-law  Mc Neulley Gasper

20 neices 

21 nephews  both here and abroad 

Other relatives and friends including the Doctor and Nurses of the St. Joseph health District , the members of the St. Joseph and Mero church community , family from the community of St. Joseph, Mero and Salisbury,  those too numerous to mention.

The body of the late Saint Maria Sablon Gasper will be laid to rest on Tuesday 11th January 2022 at 3 pm at the St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, followed by internment at the catholic cemetery 

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