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Dominica Red Cross Celebrates World Red Cross Day Speech “Keeping Humanity Alive”

Dominica Red Cross Celebrates World Red Cross Day Speech “Keeping Humanity Alive”

The theme this year for World Red Cross Day is “Keeping Humanity Alive”.

Every day, this seems to be one of the greatest challenges mankind faces. How do we as a species care for each other and keep each other’s sufficient survival ongoing. The continuation of human life should not depend on its mere existence, but on its viability to withstand poverty, injustice of all kinds, prosperity, and peace.

The Red Cross Movement in Dominica and throughout its many National Societies in the world is determined to make a profound impact on the life of all human beings wherever they are. In Dominica, we not only provide social services, but for example implement programs for women farmers and tree planting where trees have been destroyed through neglect or bushfires, thereby protecting our environment whilst providing for the less privileged.

The dignity of the human being is always at the forefront, as we aim despite many difficulties and challenges to prevent human suffering and reach out to humanity, especially to the most vulnerable.

As we once again observe World Cross and Red Cross Day this year, 2024, we renew our dedication to keep humanity alive in its deepest and fullest meaning.

To all our volunteers who enable us to carry out our mandate, I with you a Happy Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

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