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Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities Launched the 17th National Dollar Day

Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities Launched the 17th National Dollar Day

In 2006, Michael Murphy, then Treasurer, inspired by the impact that the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities was having on the constituents that it serves, and the country in general, became concerned of its sustainability in light of the precarious global funding environment which threatened to render the organization extinct, since its major sources of funding for several years had come from the International Non-Government Donor agencies.

This led him to come up with the idea of a National Dollar Day, whereby, every Dominican would contribute at least one dollar which would in some way guarantee the survival of our organisation.  Since then, with the exception of 2017, the project has been organized to coincide with DAPD’s Anniversary observance, taking place on the last Friday in October.

While the goal of acquiring at least seventy thousand dollars ($70,000.00) annually has never been achieved, over the years the activity has become the premiere local fund-raising project for DAPD annually.

Today, we are pleased to launch the 17th National Dollar Day which carries the theme: “Still Standing after 40, All Because of You”.

Although we have set a specific day for the receipt of contributions, the project is usually undertaken over a three-month period and contributors have up to December 31, 2023 to send or take in their donations.

A number of strategies will be employed to encourage the population to support this year’s project, and we are counting on the entire country to help us realize a 40th Anniversary goal.

We are soliciting the support of: Embassies and Consulates, Corporate Citizens, Faith Based Organizations, Learning Institutions, Professional and Private Citizens, visitors, and residents of all walks of life.  

 We will also:

Place donation boxes at business places and in various locations around the island.  

Create a Donate Link on our newly upgraded website.   

Provide specifically selected collectors with sponsor sheets and appropriate identification cards.

Make use of NBD MoBanking

And donors can come to DAPD office on Canal Lane in Goodwill to make their contribution.

We also intend to visit a few communities as a means of decentralizing the activity.   

Potential donors will be given the opportunity to make their contributions on.

  • Friday September 29th in Portsmouth
  • Friday October 27th in Roseau
  • Saturday October 28th at Roseau Market Day with a Difference
  • Sunday November 27th in Grand Bay
  • Sunday December 17th in Kalinago Territory and the North-East


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