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Digicel Business and National Bank of Dominica to Host Cyber Security Webinar – ‘Cyber Defense Best Practices’

Digicel Business and National Bank of Dominica to Host Cyber Security Webinar – ‘Cyber Defense Best Practices’

Roseau, Dominica – Monday 26, June 2023. Digicel Business, in collaboration with National Bank of Dominica will host a Cyber Security Webinar on Wednesday 28, June 2023 at 10am AST. The webinar will focus on cyber defense best practices, reinforcing the need to build resilience and protection in business. This highly anticipated webinar will will feature top experts in the field of cyber security.

Included in the prestigious line up of speakers is Digicel Business’ very own Cyber Security Expert, Douglas Thomas, along with Symptai Consulting Ltd’s Director of Cyber Security, Rory Ebanks who is a certified Chief Information Security Officer and National Bank of Dominica consultant, Brian Whitelaw, an Information Security professional with over 25 years experience.

The webinar will lean heavily on the fact that in 2022, there were over 144 million cyber attacks within the Caribbean. Digicel Business and National Bank of Dominica share concerns on the preparedness of companies for an attack, plans to mitigate threats and monitor for malicious attack attempts or contain potential damage. A suitable defense strategy begins with defining cyber risks and aligning security to business priorities. It is crucial to know what’s important and protect the business as it transforms – by applying best practice defense principles. Some of these defense best practices include embedding security to build resilience and understand emerging threats to prepare and respond quickly to attacks.

Commenting on the immediate relevance of cyber security, Loren Challenger, ICT Accounts Manager at Digicel Business said, “Data security is not only a threat to global organisations. Real, everyday businesses of all sizes and from all industries are now being compromised and held to ransom daily. This is real and should be of immediate concern to every business.”

He continues; “It is out of this growing concern that we are elated to partner with National Bank of Dominica and have invited key experts in the field of cyber security to help reinforce it’s importance. We have advanced solutions to help every type and size of business, and we want to share our knowledge with businesses in Dominica.”

It is anticipated that attendees to the webinar will have a more thorough understanding of common cyber threats and vulnerabilities within the Caribbean, how to mitigate cyber risks, the security benefits of proactive assessment of networks and applications and ongoing protection and response. Interested individuals can register here:

Over the past two years, Digicel Business has been investing heavily in building out a world class Security Operations Centre, staffed by some of the best cyber security experts in the industry. Digicel Business’ cyber security service, titled Digicel Business Protect is a standalone unit which is a partnership between Digicel Business Solutions, Fortinet, HyperProtect, IBM, SentinelOne, MetaCompliance and Cisco.

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