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Death Announcement of 64 year old Annette Monelle of Petite Soufriere

Death Announcement of 64 year old Annette Monelle of Petite Soufriere

We announce the death of 64 years old Ms. Annette Monelle of Petite Soufriere. She died on the 28th of November 2022 at the D/C/F/H. She was a member of the North Eastern Funeral Association.

She left to mourn:

5 CHILDREN: Simon & Rudy Monelle, Natoya & Natalia George & Ayodel Ambrose

3 BROTHERS: Edward, Phillip, Jonas Warrington

4 SISTERS: Agnes Lockhart, Octavia Thomas, Royette & Rosia Durand
6 GRAND CHILDREN: Bridgette, Rodain & Arianna Monelle, Delaena, Adrien & deirra Alexander

4 GODCHILDREN: Rodney Buckmire, Kelma & Narrisia Warrignton, Prince Abraham
2 SISTERS IN LAW: Delphina Warrignton & Medrice Durand

4 BROTHERS IN LAW: Jacob Lockhart, Rapheal Thomas, Jude & Melvin Durand
1 DAUGHTER IN LAW: Debbie Khan in Antigua

CLOSE FRIENDS: Juliana, Elsina, Lilia & Elude

She’s survived by 1 Aunty Ms. Olive Cuffy of Petite Soufriere.

Members of the New Testament Church, Dr. James &  Dr. Phillip, members of Social Welfare Division.

The Warrington, Durand, Joseph , Larounde & Mourillon Families of petite Soufriere, San Sauveur, Good Hope & Castle Bruce.
Mr. Johnson Drigo
Hon. Octavia Alfred
Other relatives and friends both here and abroad too numerous to mention.

The funeral mass of the late Annette Monelle will take place at the New Testament Church in Castle Bruce on Saturday 10th December 2022 at 2pm, followed by internment at the Castle Bruce Public Cemetery.

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