Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement of 37 year old Elias Orville Dupuis II from Bense who resided at Giraudel

Death Announcement  of 37 year old Elias Orville Dupuis II from Bense who resided at Giraudel

He left to mourn Wife: Shaminey Walsh-Dupuis (Lily)

Stepson: Jhai Durand

Mother: Corinthia Fabien-Dupuis

Mother-in-law: Anna Rose Charles-Elwin

Father in law: Darrell Elwin

Brother: Avery Dupuis

Aunties: Lydia Brumant, Keturah Theodore, Belinda and Mavis Dupuis, Callista Lyons-Fabien, Jaqueline and Marnella Fabien, Magdalene Francois

Uncles: Josiah and Lybird Dupuis, Fighur and Erickson Fabien

Brothers in law: Atlee Alexander, Yannick Victor, Gregs Julien

Sister in law: Karah Warrington-Dupuis, Lizeanna Laudat-Victor, Anna Mary Seraphine-Alexander, Eloise Julien

Cousins: Careen Prevost (Cabinet Secretary), Tridel, Kareem, Sawana, Derma, Kereen, Kerlita, Keith, Kiana, Ivor, Dana, Darnell, Danny, Maylisa, Joachim, Dahlia, Kharme, Deon, Mishael, Annique, Christopher, Ernice, Theodora, Muriel, Deshawn, Lenore, Annette, Diane, Diana, Everton, Burnette, Berle, Lizra, Heidi, Nandica, Marky, Eddie, Everet, Cassie, Gwendy, Marie, Dwayne, Verna, Camisha, Peter, Kalisha and many others, too numerous to mention

Close friends and Associates: Dupuis and Fabien families in Dominica and overseas, Royer, Boland, Wallace, Joseph and Matthew Families of Bense, Anse De Mai and Anse Sol Dat, Charleston Charles and Family, Kareem Guiste, Kendel Francois, Simeon Joseph, Drs. Alphaeus Alick, Jenny Allport and Joseph Williams, Dionne Durand-Smith, Pearl Fontaine-Butler, Patrick Clarke, Andrew Phillips, Calvia Timothy, Tyrella Alexander, Melvin and Nickessa Angol, Anderson and Kassy Joseph, Leandra Lander, Sean Scotland, Haynes family in Barbados, Invest Dominica Authority, Discover Dominica Authority, Digicel Dominica, Dominica Amateur Basketball Association, Splash Out Laundry,  Basketball 767, Dominica Media and Communications Association and many others too numerous to mention.Details of the funeral service will be given in a subsequent announcement.

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