Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement 91 year old Rosemary Charles  “Better know as Ma Rose” of  Salisbury

Death Announcement 91 year old Rosemary Charles  “Better know as Ma Rose” of  Salisbury

We are sad to announce the passing of  91 year old Rosemary Charles  “Better know as Ma Rose” of  Salisbury. She died on the  23rd January 2024 at the China Friendship Hospital. Rosemary passed away surrounded by loved ones while battling illness. 

She will surely be missed by her:

Four Sons:  Allen John, in the UK., Richardson, in St. Thomas., nderson Louis, in the USA and Nicky Vidal in Salisbury.

One Daughter: Christabel, in Kings Hill.

One Daughter  in laws:   Sandra John in the Uk

One son in law:  Derick Marshal Kkings

Two Grandson in law: Kurth Charles in Salisbury  & Daile Ougaro in Roseau

Eight Grand Sons:  Neil and Kevin, in the UK.,  Eddy and Patris in France, Delbert in Guadeloupe, Bob, Nickson and Duwan in Dominica, Shane, Irwin, Peter Williams.

Four Grand Daughters.: Loraine in the UK. & Jislyn, Cathline and Fedina in Dominica.

13 Great grand children: Micha and Joseph in the UK.Ricardo, Reynaldo and Rihanna Charles in Salisbury, Lyna,kayziah,Zaiem in Roseau, Sophia and Naomi in the UK, Abigaelle, Anaelle and Kendra in Guadeloupe.

Sisters: Mable Charles, Florencia Harry in Salisbury, Fedora Peters in the UK.

Three Brothers:.Hirum and Haripha Charles in Salisbury, Mucury Charles in the UK.

Nephews: Ronald Christmas in Canada, Kenneth and Julius in Salisbury, Leroy  Wadix Charles in Roseau, Desmond Charles in Anguilla, Cedric Charles in Uk.

Nieces: Susan, Paula in the Uk, Wenifred  in France, Veronica in the USA, Alicia and Ameilia Charles in Salisbury.

 10(Ten) Grand Nieces.

5 Grand Nephews

Close friends and family including: Adela  in France, Malaika and Haynia in the USA, The Bednough, Roberts and Charles Family in Salisbury, Nelister in Antigua, Selma Louis,  Baykay Jno Baptist , Lauren, Cresencia and Rosalyn in Salisbury.

Other families and friends names, too Numerous to mention.

The funeral of the late, Rosemary Charles  of Salisbury will be held on Saturday  3rd of February 2024 at 2pm, at the Salisbury Catholic Church. Viewing is at 1:30 pm. Interment is lead by Lyndhurst funeral home at the Salisbury Catholic Cemetery.

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