Dominica Editor's Choice Vacancy

VACANCY: Forecaster/Scheduler at Clear Harbor Dominica

VACANCY: Forecaster/Scheduler at Clear Harbor Dominica

VACANCY: Forecaster/Scheduler
Submit Resume and Cover Letter to [email protected]
Subject should be Re: Role as Forecaster/Scheduler
Deadline for submission: November 21, 2022
This is a Temporary Role with the opportunity to become Permanent.

KEY DUTIES include:
• Create, revise and manage the schedules as required
• Generate long-term and short-term forecasts
• Utilize Community to create schedules that meet forecasted demands
• Work closely with WFM Supervisor to manage scheduling process
• Analyze real-time and historical trending to determine effective forecasting model o Monitors and analyzes data and trends to identify potential opportunities, needs, issues, and problems that could
impact business results
o Gathers and maintains historical call volume patterns and trends used for forecasting
• Proactively offer recommendation of staffing volume and scheduling to achieve expected goals
• Analysis of production volume data providing trends and recommendations on resource utilization to WFM Supervisor
• Provide scheduling and production staff management of non-production activities such as meetings, trainings, and out of office activities
• Maintains events calendar (site holidays, site wide meetings, huddles, training sessions, etc.) and ensure that impacts to the
business are captured, analyzed and recommendations on staffing are delivered in a timely manner
• Appropriately forecast and account for growth due to seasonal variations and special events
• Responsible for assisting the WFM Supervisor in training and supporting new Enterprise WFM team members and Site OSC leadership
• Conducts complex “what if” scenarios as directed by WFM Supervisor
• Ensures work rules/patterns and allotments are up-to-date and accurate for the processing of schedule requests and forecasts
• Maintains forecast call/volume and staffing models with the appropriate assumptions
• Attend and at times facilitate daily, weekly, and monthly staffing review meetings with the rest of the Enterprise WFM team detailing previous and current week’s performance and forecasted performance of remainder of current week and next week, while also identifying risks
• Willing to work additional hours when it’s “crunch time”. Time sensitive projects occur occasionally, requiring immediate attention.
• Able to prioritize work and handle high pressured situations
• Perform other duties and assignments as directed
• 6 months production work required
• Microsoft Office with focus on Excel Preferred
• Prior leadership experience preferred
• Preferred but not Required CESC’s: Information Technology, Office Administration
• Knowledge of Clear Harbor Operations
• Advance proficiency with Microsoft Office Excel

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