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Update: Death Announcement of 53 year old Johnney Telemaque aka Johnney B Good of Calibishie.

Update: Death Announcement of 53 year old Johnney Telemaque aka Johnney B Good of Calibishie.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of 53 year old Johnney Telemaque aka Johnney B Good of Calibishie. He died on Sunday 1st May at the Dominica – China Friendship Hospital. 
 He will be remembered by:
8 children: Nicole, Nickel, Landy, Shyan, Yusef, Chermarie, Beyonce, and Beyanca Telemaque 
3 brothers: Jemmoth, Enoch and Jones Telemaque
3 sisters: Eldica, Maurina and Katie 
12 Grandchildren: Marley, Kanya, Keyra, Jahdon, Jordan, Naldah, Kyron, Hiley, Kaisha, Mia, Kaydina and Yolandi. 
11 Nieces including Patricia, Olivia, Samantha, Sameda, Odrey, Sadrine, Temanda, Kayla and Kyama 
12 Nephews including Sergi, Kenny, Thierry, Delvin, Delroy, Jacob, Marlik, Terriel and Taj
19 Grandnieces and nephews including Quaid, Kaylani, Terenzio, Anaya, Kaden, Eli and Briella
Adopted niece: Dodie 
Uncles: Sylvest and Garnet 
6 aunties including Lizette
Brother in law: Adam Joseph
Cousins: Debora, Theresa, Roy, Henry, Linda, Cornelia, Moore and family, Baca, Joy, Annick, The Warrington family of Calibishie.
His girlfriend: Athlene George
Close friends: Ashley , John Fabien, Gina, John Jacobs, Hawkeye, Marie, Element, Masseleno, Dowlin, Marsh-up, Christo, Anelta, Nixon, Bryant, Rihan, Teacher Jistine and family, Nurse Vilma and family, Ali, Joan, Veda, Joan, B.B., Vernie, Hanna, Reeves, Kerry, Skelly, Charlo, Leo, Nazlin and family, Brian, Mechanic Toetoe,Lenny, Micheal Ettienne, Hannah and family, J.J, Mrs. Bethel, Michael, Valinor, Patico, Slim, Keyoutte, Alea, Chien, Fabrice, The Caille family, Ramona, Veronica,Walsh, Cornel, Samo, Tall boy, Massie, Unique,Poponne,Keith, Clorox, St. Vincent Superdan, Angus, Natasha, Paul, Jack, Oubo, Bolo, No-no, Mr. Hobbs, Ted, Gibbs and son, Mechanic MacTom, Sonia, Boys on the block in Cous Zamia, Members of the Calibishie SDA Church.
 The Telemaque Families of Calibishie, Wesley, Marigot and Point Mitchel. The Toussaint, Durand and Warrington families of San Sauveur. 
The Honourable Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, The Honourable Roslyn Paul,  The Honourable Fidel GrantLawyer Zena Dyer. Dr Basil Fadipe
Other  family members names  too numerous to mention.
Friend of many.
The funeral service of the late Johnney Telemaque will take place on Wednesday 18th May at the Bense SDA Church. Viewing will be from 1:30 and service at 2:30
Internment at the Bense SDA Cemetery.

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