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Sixth Form Sisserou Singers’ 30th Anniversary Production – “Choral Legacy”

Sixth Form Sisserou Singers’ 30th Anniversary Production – “Choral Legacy”

The Sixth Form Sisserou Singers group presents its 30th Annual Musical Production, “Choral Legacy” this weekend from Friday, July 12, to Sunday, July 14, 2024. Billed as a celebration of three decades of musical excellence, cultural performances, and community spirit, the showcase will feature performances in Roseau and Portsmouth.

In outlining what audiences can expect Dr Marie-Pascale Affana, Director of the choir stated that the show is always organized into themed segments, starting with “Hallelujah and Thanksgiving” for 30 years of the choir’s existence. There will also be a Caribbean music section, featuring various sounds from the region, including Bouyon. Paying tribute to Caribbean folk music, with songs from St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent Jamaica, and Dominica is also on the agenda. The aim is to tell the traditional Caribbean story, by displaying folktales and cultural influences.

“It was such a fitting name for us, you know, the legacy of 30 years. You know, when the Sisserou Singers started in 1994, I’m sure many people probably didn’t think it was going to make it to 30 years, especially after, you know, the original director retiring, because many times when the person who was there at the beginning retires, you don’t always maintain that vision. So legacy, really, the material that we’re going to see is legacy material. The kind of production we have is legacy. And we’re just excited to show that 30 years of good training can achieve great things,” said Dr Affana.

Shanica Bogeart, President of the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers, also reflected on the impact of the choir:

“Sisserou has helped me a lot. So I will not say that it’s not profitable to me as a person or even the members. Sisserou actually helps you to stand in front of a crowd, you understand? And this year we celebrate 30 years of this, and we take this time to honor not just three decades of musical excellence, but also the rich legacy of harmony, passion, and dedication that this esteemed choir has brought to our community and beyond.”

According to the organizers, “the audience will be taken on a journey through the choir’s production, culminating in a beautiful celebration.”

Event Details

– Friday, July 12: 8 PM at Goodwill Primary School, Roseau
– Saturday, July 13: 8 PM at Goodwill Primary School, Roseau
– Sunday, July 14:7 PM at the Portsmouth Catholic Church Hall Tickets
– Available at Bullseye Pharmacy, Valentine’s Shoe Store, and through SFSS Members.

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