OECS-FAO statistical experts meet in St Lucia to boost capacity

OECS-FAO statistical experts meet in St Lucia to boost capacity

CASTRIES, St Lucia — Regional statistical experts gathered in Saint Lucia this week to lend their expertise towards the enhancement of institutional capacity in statistical data collection and analysis within the agricultural sector.

Based on an assessment conducted in 2018, strategic planning in agriculture has been identified as one of the major challenges faced in Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Consequently, the OECS launched the project “Strategic Plan for Agricultural and Rural Statistics (SPARS) and Questionnaire Design in OECS member states” with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). The project aims to facilitate agricultural strategic planning through the improvement in data collection, compilation, and dissemination methods.

“Thanks to the FAO we will be able to develop a document which would provide long term direction for the improvement of agricultural and rural statistics in each country and it will include a concrete plan of action and feasible options and assessment of resources required to implement it,” OECS programme officer of agriculture George Alcee stated.

The three-day workshop followed an inception workshop held in Saint Lucia in February 2019 and enabled 20 experts from the OECS member states to strengthen their capacity in…

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