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Only one year since its sensational grand opening, Nassau Cruise Port (NCP) has been nominated in the 4th annual World Cruise Awards. Recognized for its exceptional offerings, world-class appeal, and commitment to creating a unique guest experience, NCP is in the running for the coveted title of Best Cruise Terminal in the Caribbean.

Since its official opening on May 26, 2023, the recently revamped cruise port has re-established Nassau as a premier cruising destination, exceeding visitor and industry expectations and achieving impressive milestones. In December, NCP set a new daily passenger record of 29,316 visitors and a new annual passenger record of 4.4 million guests. In March 2024, the team celebrated another impressive and rare achievement, hosting seven ships simultaneously.

The NCP team has also spent the last year building and expanding local partnerships through strategic stakeholder and community engagement initiatives. In addition to donating over $2 million to support youth and community development projects since 2019, NCP has contributed to the growth and enhancement of the Bahamian cruise tourism product by conducting security training exercises for government and private stakeholder employees, hosting free community events, and hosting free tours of the port for schools and civic organizations.

Nassau Cruise Port’s dedication to creating a unique, Authentically Bahamian guest experience through the establishment of its Authentically Bahamian Advisory Committee also further distinguishes the company from other regional cruise destinations. The committee has been instrumental in ensuring that an unmistakable sense of Bahamian identity was incorporated into the Port Marketplace, where high quality Bahamian-made and designed products are prominently featured.

These elements, combined with the team’s passion for service excellence, are instrumental in driving its continued success and in the promotion of Nassau as a revitalized, must-see port-of-call. In addition to its Caribbean’s Best Cruise Terminal nomination, NCP expects to set a new annual passenger record of 5.4 million passengers this year, further validating Nassau’s growing popularity.

The Hon. I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Aviation, and Investments, congratulated the Nassau Cruise Port team on its stellar nomination. “I speak for all Bahamians when I say that we are extremely proud of Nassau Cruise Port being nominated as Best Cruise Terminal in the Caribbean. The recent $300 million investment in the cruise port was a critical element in the strategic repositioning of Nassau as a destination of choice for cruise passengers and has been instrumental in boosting our partnerships with the cruise lines. Its completion and success have also become key drivers in extracting more value from the cruise industry for our community, helping to create greater equity and more opportunity for Bahamians in tourism. We believe that the best of The Bahamas, especially in the cruise tourism sector, is yet to come.”

Mike Maura, Jr., CEO of Nassau Cruise Port and Regional Director of GPH Americas, stated that the nomination reflects the hard work and commitment of the Nassau Cruise Port team and all port partners. “We strive to deliver a world-class experience daily. Our collective success has become a shining example of the possibilities and benefits that a community can generate when we all – from taxi drivers and hair braiders to port retailers and our downtown partners – commit working together to make our guests happy and promote our authentic Bahamas. We are grateful for this recognition by the World Cruise Awards and are honored to have earned this nomination only one year after our grand opening. We remain committed to continuous improvement and to expanding our position as a leader in the cruise industry.”

Voting for the World Cruise Awards is now open. Maya Nottage, Regional Marketing Director at Nassau Cruise Port, explained how to vote and why it is imperative that Bahamians support Nassau Cruise Port in its quest to win this coveted prize.

“The voting process is quite simple. We have placed the direct link to the online voting platform of the World Cruise Awards in the bio section of our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts to make it easy for everyone to vote. Once you click the link, it will take you directly to the voting page. Click “sign up” to vote if you are a first-time voter. You will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. Next, submit your information, then click the vote button.”

“This nomination represents a significant endorsement of our physical transformation and the elevation of the guest experience that we have worked so hard to implement. It also puts us another step closer achieving our ultimate goal of becoming the best cruise destination in the world,”  Nottage continued. “Winning this award would represent a victory for our entire country, affirming that Nassau is once again a leader in the cruise tourism space for all the right reasons. Please vote and share the link with others. We all deserve this win!”

Visit to show your support and vote for Nassau Cruise Port now.

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