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KFC Dominica Champion Youth Cricket Development with KFC Summit Sports Club

KFC Dominica Champion Youth Cricket Development with KFC Summit Sports Club

KFC Dominica proudly continues its impactful five-year partnership with KFC Summit Sports Club, emphasizing a shared commitment to sustainable youth development. This resilient collaboration, established in 2019, transcends traditional sponsorship, positioning KFC Dominica as the Platinum Partner dedicated to the long-term success of the club.

The manager of the club, Nester Phillip stated that, “The transformative impact is evident in KFC Summit Sports Club’s rapid rise to the championship title in the Dominica Cricket Association’s Intermediate League within two years. KFC Dominica’s steady support provides crucial elements such as uniforms, player welfare, and transportation, nurturing emerging talents like Tyrese Leblanc and Jashon Vidal.”

Beyond the field, KFC Dominica aligns with the institutional strengthening of KFC Summit Sports Club, anticipating a dominating Premier League season. This enduring partnership embodies a shared vision for youth empowerment, as seen in international ambassadors Kavem Hodge and Stephan Pascal. The collaboration extends an open invitation to the community to enjoy exciting performances, fostering a future filled with shared triumphs and the joy of the game.

KFC Dominica, the local franchise of the world’s leading restaurant brand, is committed to fostering community development and youth empowerment through a strategic partnership with KFC Summit Sports Club. This collaboration reflects KFC Dominica’s dedication to sustainable sports development and making a positive impact in the local community.

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