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GK Media Production launched Short Film on New Years Day

GK Media Production launched Short Film on New Years Day

On January 1st 2022, freelance photographer, comedian, graphic designer and social media entertainer, Jordan Megan Jerome under ‘GK Media Production’, launched a short film in an aim of introducing the film industry in Dominica.

The twenty-eight (28) year old from the community of Goodwill has had a passion for film making from time immemorial. Jerome expressed that his aim is to one day become a producer or actor regionally and internationally.

Interestingly, the short film written by Jerome and co-directed by Shaynelle Morris is entitled “It’s not enough”. According to Jerome, the name of the film reflects the storyline in which a male Haitian national who resides in Dominica is seeking equality. However, nothing he does is ever enough. Accordingly, he hopes that one day he will be treated with respect and would no longer be condemned for his nationality.

Jerome pointed out that the film was not written with a particular message in mind. Instead, the aim was to expose the creativity of the writers, actors and editors. In the process of doing so, the timely message against xenophobia came into play. “Some of us have a fear of Haitians because of their rituals. However, we can’t judge and condemn Haitians because of their nationality,” he opined.

Moreover, Jerome explained that it was his ambition and goal of one day becoming a video freelancer that prompted him to create this film. “We have released this film free of charge. We wanted to create a full film but we are lacking adequate funding. So in the meantime we are bringing out the creativity and skills of our actors so that potential sponsors could reach out to us,” he voiced. Jerome continued, “If this is what it looks like without proper funding just imagine what it could look like if we had the resources.”

According to him, the objective is to one day be financially stable as a company so that actors, actresses, editors and others who contribute to the film-making process can be paid. “With sufficient funding we will be able to raise awareness of various talents while educating and entertaining persons,” he articulated.

Furthermore, Jerome commends the hardworking and dedicated team of actors, actresses, make-up artist, videographers and music producers who have made this film a success. The cast include persons such as Samson Camil, Jordan Jerome, Shaynelle Morris, Niasha Cuffy, Chris Lee Jolly, Yoshua Morancie, Curtly Christopher, Cecil Joseph Jr. and Verlisia Berneau. The videography was done by Jerome with the assistance of Media Linx, Chad Ambo and Romeo.

Remarkably, Jerome hopes to create a thriving film industry in Dominica. “I want to be the person to introduce the film industry. I am looking to open a film academy in Dominica so that persons could get the experience and expertise on film making,” he stated.

It is noteworthy that since the release of the short film, the feedback from the public has been overwhelmingly great. Jerome notes, “The feedback shocked me. Everybody loved the film. Initially, I prepared myself for negative critiques. I believe that mistakes make greatness so with the constructive criticisms we are able to improve. We did get advice from certain individuals and for this we are appreciative.”

Jerome took the opportunity to advise other young persons and entrepreneurs who have a passion for film production to practice and never give up. “We in Dominica have no real area of improving our art except for just doing it over and over and learning from our personal mistakes,” he expressed. However, he urges persons to get up, learn and practice their craft. “I am at a level where I can bring out content only because I never gave up on improving my skill. Just do it. Learn new things and people may reach out to you in the future,” he guided.

Fascinatingly, people cannot get enough of “It’s not enough”. The short film can be viewed via Watsthis Youtube Channel. The public is encouraged to like and share the content and to make donations in an effort of bringing GK Media Production’s dreams to reality.

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