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Dreadful start to 2022 as family of murder victim seeks justice and closure

Dreadful start to 2022 as family of murder victim seeks justice and closure

Unfortunately, the new year has started off dreadfully for the island of Dominica. On January 2nd 2022, just two days into the new year, the lifeless body of Myron Benjamin of Cochrane was found with multiple stab wounds in the vicinity of S-Mart supermarket and Do it Center.

Upon interview with EmoNews, aunt of the deceased Ms. Sonia Garraway, expressed that the family is saddened by the premature death of their loved one. She remembers the deceased as a reserved individual who is not known for being in trouble. “He was diagnosed with autism. He was an introvert, extremely quiet and did not engage with people in any way. He was not controversial or troublesome and just liked to walk and keep to himself,” she stated.

Therefore, it is difficult for the family to accept that someone with his personality and illness could face such a grisly death. Moreover, Garraway pointed out that the family feels cheated. “We are sad and confused. Why would someone kill an innocent little boy without provocation?” she questioned.

Garraway voiced that the family’s greatest hope is that they find justice and closure following Benjamin’s death. “I hope that we can get who killed him and to ask them why. We hope the police can go out there and look for clues. We hope to get closure and rest our loved one in peace,” she added.

Furthermore, she took the opportunity to call on the public to assist in the investigation if they are aware of any detail or person who may help the family get justice. “Please say something. If anybody knows something speak out because we can’t have a murderer walking free in our midst because he may strike again and this time it could be you,” she pleaded emphatically.

While this is indeed a sorrowful time, Garraway notes that this unfortunate incident has provided her with a life lesson. “I’ve learnt that people cannot be trusted and that there are killers and murderers walking in our midst. We cannot take chances with people. To those with family members with little mental issues please do whatever you can to keep them safe because there are wicked and ungodly people out there,” she advised.

Notably, Benjamin is recorded as the first of two murders for the year 2022. At this time, investigations in this matter are ongoing.

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