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Get Ready to Play at the 1st Annual Kid’s Splash Party

Get Ready to Play at the 1st Annual Kid’s Splash Party

Bounce House Unlimited in partnership with Wai-tui-fit-360 invite families with children to attend their 1st Annual Kid’s Splash Party in Picard, Dominica on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Play is an important aspect of family life and the Kid’s Splash Party is a great way to begin the summer. This event promotes family at play in an extraordinary way. Kid’s Splash Party is designed to stimulate activities and nurture fun and active interactions with the family. Bounce House Unlimited is the outside activities clearing house this summer and thereafter.

On June 11, 2022, at the Avies Ville Pool deck in Picard, Dominica, families will gather from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm to participate in fitness challenges with prizes, domino games, sing to karaoke songs, splash in the pool, enjoy music, eat cotton candy, sip on drinks, get a kids’ goody bag, jump and slide in bouncy castles, and develop new connections with other families with children.

Tickets for the event must be pre-ordered and are available on or at with more details on transportation and location. Purchase tickets early and come let’s play in a safe way as we will observe Covid-19 protocols.

Play is also a way to help families heal some of the emotional wounds of Covid 19, and the Kids’ plash Party was designed with this in mind. Play is an important aspect of our children’s social development, and Kid’s Splash Party provides the opportunity for safe social interaction. One aim of the event is to improve relationships and the connections people have with others.

“I guarantee you that children who attend this event will never forget this play time with their parents and other children. These are the memories that give children confidence and creatively to do and be more”, states lead organizer Olivia Odileke.

Bounce House Unlimited in partnership with Wai-tu-fit 360 is also accepting donations for prizes or kid-friendly items to go in each child’s goody bag. Any organization wishing to contribute to helping children play more with their families is strongly encouraged to do so.

About Bounce House Unlimited & Wai-tu-fit 360

Bounce House Unlimited provides Dominican families who want to play together with playful and engaging experiences so families can create more lifelong memories with their children.

Wai-tu-fit 360 is a wellness and leisure club which aims to serve the community by encouraging individuals to adapt and maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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