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Dr. Marlene Louis Blyden authored her fourth nonfiction book

Dr. Marlene Louis Blyden authored her fourth nonfiction book

In her fourth nonfiction book, Dr. Marlene Louis Blyden uses her experiences growing up in Dominica, professional training, and expertise in psychology and clinical counseling to create a transformational model, FRESH. Dr. Marlene Louis Blyden provides guidance and practical tools to help individuals thrive in different seasons in this new handbook. 

Like the seasons in nature, life has predictable seasons and unexpected transitions. The approach detailed within the pages will provide individuals with additional insight and inspiration to traverse exciting, troubling, demanding, or mundane transitions with renewed joy and hope. This FRESH approach aligns with biblical principles and values. Prepare to jump in, discover your strengths, and practice new skills to be present and thrive in every life transition effectively.

Dr. Louis Blyden is a licensed psychotherapist, certified transformational life coach, educator, author, and motivational speaker.  Dr Louis Blyden owns and operates her private psychotherapy practice, Living Hope Counseling, LLC, in the United States. She offers clinical support, consulting, and coaching services to individuals and organizations in the US and various countries worldwide. 

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