Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement of 70 year old Ashworth Phillip Simon also known as Brong, Bandyleg, Bouden of Mahaut

Death Announcement of 70 year old Ashworth Phillip Simon also known as Brong, Bandyleg, Bouden of Mahaut

WE ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF Ashworth Phillip Simon

AGE: 70

ALSO KNOWN AS: Brong, Bandyleg, Bouden


HE DIED ON: June 26, 2024 at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital


9 SISTERS:  Daphline Birmingham , Hyacinth Simone Noel-Pierre, Zetoe, Esther, Ramona, Verna and Germaine Simon of Mahaut, Florence Laville In Portsmouth and Augustina Simon in Massacre,

5 BROTHERS:  Glenworth, Joel, Crissie, Ordale  and Elisha Simon

NUMEROUS  NIECES: Hermin, Beverly, Ellen, Ezra, Alison, Lynn, Youki, Mendia, Yolene, Jemina, Emma, Vera and their families

NUMEROUS  NEPHEWS: Nacha, Earlstan/Jayson, Ronnie, Johan, Steeve, Romani, Darani,  Emmanuel, Jimmy, Arlington, Keith, Eddo, John, Dickson and the Sylvesters of Portmouth, Levi Laville and their families

GRAND NIECES: Michelle, Kelissa, Nikita, Alisha, Saynnt, Merium, Danielle, Anique, Lorenza, Noëlise, Precillia, Stephani, Elodie, Estelle, Maelly, Leyna, Luna, Kishma, Kayanna, Nadia,  Lauryn. Lindsay, Djamina,  Kelissa, Marianna, Melina, Maelisse, Tamisha, Sophie, Dominique, and many more here and abroad

GRAND NEPHEWS: Celius, Lymaiq, Lyam, Marlon, Artie, Miwak,  Phillip, Nehemy, Sammy, Aaron, Jimmy, Freddie, Jessie, Kenny, Kelian, Julian, Miguel, Mylan, Keiwann, Devon, Brian Terry, Kedji, Nowan, Léon, Ryan, Maël,  Marvin, Kelvin, Tyron, Arlington, and many more here and abroad


SPECIAL FRIENDS: Polly Pattullo, Melinda Seraphine and Yhendé

Aunt: Vencinna Ryan in Grandbay

Uncle: Timothy Noel in Grandbay

In-laws including: Junie, Michael, Aaron, Alice, Girlie, Manuela, Jacques, Clancy, Jemma Bedminister

Numerous cousins including: Ralph, Morella, Alpha, Gordon, Robert, Adie, Eileen, Mamah, Joe,Hermine, Nazarine, Yvonne, Rosemund, Martha, Joyce, Jemma, Uborn, Aaron,  Julie, Juliette, Popo, Patto, Annie,  Sheryl, Kenrick, Fitzroy, Eric,  Anya, Vallie, Lenon, Kathy, Nyka, of Grandbay,  Henri in France, Delauney, Vanita,  Agnes, Citris and Capitola of Massacre, Charmaine, Celia, Lawrence and Feno of Pointe Michel,  Lucia Blaize, Linda and their families

HE WAS A MEMBER OF: Movement for Cultural Awarenesss,Cultural division, Peoples Action Theater, New Dimensions Theatre, DAPD, D/ca Umpires Association, St Paul  Fisher Folks, NAF Coop, 767 Chess Association, La Cour Des Arts, Calypso Association

He was also a former chairperson and councillor of the Mahaut/Jimmit/Tarreau Village Council.

CLOSE FRIENDS and relatives including: Corinne, Annette Lovely and Agnes in Guadeloupe, Christine Madir, Sullivan, Clement Baba Richards, Harry Sealey, Bernard Wiltshire, Randy, Gloria Augustus, Celia Sorhaindo, Sobers, Peterson, Haroline, Emile, Clauster, Avanelle, Julien, Garry, George, Glen, Murium, Michael Laudat, Hescar, Hazel, Lucinda, Ruler, Edgar, Geese, Julien Prevost, Naz, Alford, Marcia, Miguel Labassiere, Queen, Irvin and the Lab boys, Claude, Gerry, Tommy, Moppa, Augustus Etienne and family,  the Dublins, St. Hilaires, Jno Baptistes, Newtons, Murphys, Timothys, Athenia Henry and family, Peltier family in Pointe Michel, Julia, Josie, members of the committee of Nature Island Literary Festival, Shawna Johnson, and many more

NEIGHBOURS INCLUDING: Telly, Thomas. Miss Green, Sheila, Vellie, Desry and their families, Back Street residents. The entire communities  of Mahaut, Massacre, Campbell, and Warner


AT 1:30 P.M ON     Wednesday 10th July  at The St Martin De Pores Catholic Church in Canefield

THE FUNERAL SERVICE TAKES PLACE AT 2:00  P.M. at The St Martin De Pores Catholic Church FOLLOWED BY INTERMENT: Mahaut Public Cemetery

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