Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement of 59 year old Cecilia Ingrid Prosper better known as Ingrid of Tarish Pit

Death Announcement of 59 year old Cecilia Ingrid Prosper better known as Ingrid of Tarish Pit

It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of 59 year old Cecilia Prosper, better known as Ingrid of Tarish Pit. She died on Friday 30th September, 2022 at the Dominica – China Friendship Hospital.

She left to mourn:

Children: Tamara Bernard, Clinton and Bianka Alfred

Grand Children: Tiwana, Tylon, Eron, Kyvon and Je’ovanni

Great Grand Child: Matteo

Sisters: Sanora Mellow in Grandbay, Julia Delia Victor, Maryann Lee in Gutter Village, Shona Sandyford, Destina Esprit and Alexia George

Brothers: Davidson Victor (King Observer), Hard face, Law and Alvin

Nieces: Anillia Mellow in France, Jillia, Nicala and Deanna

Nephews: Arno, Garvin, Negel, Adrienne and Deddrick

 Aunty: Aldona

 Cousins: Numerous cousins Including Babygirl, My rose, Sasha, Peter, Bennette, Emmanuel, Guiste, Victor and Family, Pity fee and family, Avril and family, the Prosper and family

Common-law Daughter in law – Lisa Fontain

Sister-in-law – Ferrilia Williams

God Children: Dara, Tameka, Ronisha and Kione

Close relatives and friends: Julie, Sandra, Bernadette, Marian, Crystabelle, Patrica, Byonale and the rest of the Scrunters family,  Cathy, Christy, Loblack and the rest of the Laundry staff, Sister Roach, Matron Mathew, staff of the Dawbiney ward, Psychiatric and Oncology Unit, Domestic Workers and all other staff of the D.C.F.H, Mello ,Ma Phello , Mr Bernard Thomas, Agnes, Mr. Cleville, Scaley, Moulon, Myro, Patrice, the boys on the purple city block, Red rose, Pamela Grell and family, Bobby George and family , Pearl, Janelle, Natasha and family, Zed and  family, Yahzee, Oyo, Cici and family, Rhoda Baron, Islyn and the Bernard  family, Heather and family, Mano, Suelane ,Joseph , Bertillia, Jigie and the Dover family, Lorenzo, Kymo, Ridge, Augustina and family, Gerry Alfred, Tyron and family, James and the Gregory family, Claire and Greg  Andrew, The Dominica Cancer Society, the entire community of Tarish Pit ,Gutter Village, La Plain , Bellevue Chopin ,Family and friends both here and abroad whose names are too numerous to mention

Date of funeral:  Tuesday 11th October 2022

Place:  St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

Viewing of Body: 2: 30pm     Funeral Service: 3:00PM

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