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‘The Cry of a Broken Woman’ – Dominican author releases book as a source of inspiration to others

‘The Cry of a Broken Woman’ – Dominican author releases book as a source of inspiration to others

Osmond Constance, from the village of Castle Bruce, has released his new book ‘The Cry of a Broken Woman’. This book was written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and serves as a source of inspiration in the individual life journey of many readers who may find the time to delve into its pages.

Notably, years ago Constance migrated to the US Virgin Islands then relocated to the US mainland, where he now resides with his wife Deborah and daughter Britney. While he lives out of Dominica, Constance is ecstatic to be considered as one of the persons who contributes to Dominica’s art and literature.

Interestingly, in the summer of 2009 Constance developed a passion for writing which he has built on ever since. According to him, he started writing after attending church one Sunday morning. “Something the preacher said caught my attention and I acted on what stirred my heart and thus started my writing career,” he added.

While he has embraced his passion, Constance voiced that it has not been entirely easy as he has encountered a few hurdles. “I faced a few challenges writing and publishing this book, namely, finding the time to write seeing that I was working on a full time basis, and also finding the income to finance the project,” he said.

Notwithstanding, Constance considers Covid a curse which has also brought him fortunate rewards such as the free time to complete his writing from home. The opportunity to work from home and an unexpected source of finance, enabled him to proceed with the project and more importantly, complete it.

Upon interview with Emonews, Constance took the opportunity to offer words of advice to current and future authors, poets and playwrights. “To others who are interested in pursuing writing, whether it is poetry, painting or just being an author, you need to have the mind set to make sacrifices. You must be committed and must develop a no give up attitude. Eventually, all the pieces will come together,” he guided.

With a heart of gratitude, he expressed deepest thanks and appreciation to the many persons who encouraged him on this journey to success. “My biggest push came from my Heavenly Father who gave me the talent and opened close doors to ensure my success and thus His glory,” he ended.

‘The Cry of a Broken Woman’ was officially released on 29th November, 2022 and may be accessed via Barnes & Noble and several other online bookstore sites.

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