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St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister dismissed six government ministers; called for a fresh general election

St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister dismissed six government ministers; called for a fresh general election

Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis Timothy Harris has dismissed six government ministers and requested the Governor-General, Samuel Weymouth Tapley Seaton to dissolve the parliament.  

He asked the Governor-General to remove Shawn Richards as the Deputy Prime Minister and replace him with Eugene Hamilton and further called for a fresh general election.  

In a radio and television broadcast, Harris stated that Richards failed to attend the national assembly for over ninety-one days; similarly, Concerned Citizens Movement’s elected members also did not participate in the assembly, and only one member of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) attended meetings in recent weeks. 

“The projected absence of Honorable Shawn Richards from the cabinet over the past 91-days is a major breach of the oath. During this time, I have exercised great restraint in an effort to bring resolution to the matter; I could not, however, do what the honourable Shawn Richards requested, that is, direct the police to alter a police statement,” Harris said.  

Furthermore, the Prime Minister stated that the current situation could not continue, and the people of St Kitts and Nevis certainly “deserve better”.  

“I Have taken the difficult but necessary step to remove from their positions those who have shown disinterest in their duties. I have asked his excellency to reassign the portfolios to members who are willing and able to deliver,” said Timothy Harris.  

The Prime Minister also dismissed Nevis Premier Mark Brantley and Lindsay Grant, Jonel Powell, Alexis Jeffers and Eric Evelyn as Cabinet Ministers.  

The Governor General suspended Brantley in a letter on Tuesday, adding that all his duties and privileges are revoked. 

“BY virtue of the powers and authority vested in me by Section 52(9)(a) of the Constitution of Saint Christopher and Nevis and in accordance with the advice of Dr The Honorable Timothy Sylvester Harris, Prime Minister of Saint Christopher and Nevis, I DO HEREBY REVOKE your appointment as a Minister of Government of Saint Christopher and Nevis with responsibility for Foreign Affairs and Aviation all as contained in the Instrument of Appointment dated the 14th day of June, 2020 and all powers, rights, privileges and advantages,” the letter stated.  

As the parliament of St Kitts and Nevis is officially dissolved, elections must be conducted before August 08, 2022. 

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