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Political Activist and Financial Guru Launches Major Publication

Political Activist and Financial Guru Launches Major Publication

Dr. Thomson Fontaine has recently launched his first a book titled:  “The Maroons of Dominica 1764-1818: Resistance Rebellion and Freedom from slavery.”

Fontaine is currently the Deputy Chief of Staff-Strategy with the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) which is charged with the oversight and evaluation for the Peace Agreement in Sudan.

The book, while primarily targeted at Dominicans, is meant to preserve their history and to provide a better understanding of Dominica and its history.

Fontaine said that his book gives the history of the maroons or neg Mawon of Dominica and their resistance to slavery.

“The book details the impact their actions had on the eventual abolition of slavery,” he said during an interview with EMO NEWS.

He revealed that it took him approximately 4 years to thoroughly research and write the book.

“I want Dominicans to get a better appreciation for the efforts of our ancestors and how much they sacrificed in order that we can live free. I also want the world to know of those brave men women and children who sacrificed all for the cause,” Dr. Fontaine expressed.

He added that this is my first book and will not the last as he is currently working on another book within the historical context of Dominica and another examining the history and changing role of money.

The book was launched on May 4th 2022.

Below is the link to purchase the book.

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