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ECTEL Holds 98th Board of Directors Meeting to Advance Electronic Communications Sector

ECTEL Holds 98th Board of Directors Meeting to Advance Electronic Communications Sector

The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) held its 98th Board of Directors meeting on June 25, 2024, bringing together members virtually. The meeting, chaired by Mr. Philip Dalsou, underscored ECTEL’s commitment to foster open markets, liberalization, competition, and harmonised telecommunication policies across its Contracting States. In his welcome address, Mr. Dalsou reflected on ECTEL’s foundational purposes, which include promoting open markets, ensuring universal service, fair pricing and enabling efficient and modern telecommunications. He emphasized the need for ECTEL to evolve into a 21st-century regulatory body that can effectively manage and regulate the rapidly changing electronic communications sector.

Highlights of the meeting included discussions on ECTEL’s work-plan, initiative to promote greater staff engagement, a review of ECTEL’s finances for the year so far, and new developments on the passage of a new Electronic Communications Act for the sub-region.

As Mr. Dalsou highlighted in his welcome address: “the Board of Directors play a critical role in the governance of ECTEL, as outlined in Article 8 of the Treaty. He emphasized the Board’s responsibility to ensure the effective implementation of the treaty and related policies, guiding the sector’s growth for the benefit of the Contracting States’ citizens.” Mr. Dalsou further stated that, “As the electronic communications sector continues to evolve, ECTEL is committed to transforming into a forward-thinking regulatory authority. This transformation is essential to keep pace with technological advancements and to ensure that the regulatory framework facilitates, rather than hinders growth in the electronic communications sector.”

The meeting concluded with optimism for the future, as ECTEL remains dedicated to advancing telecommunications and fostering an inclusive, competitive, and innovative electronic communications environment within its Contracting States.

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