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Dominica Launched New Biometric Passport

Dominica Launched New Biometric Passport

The Commonwealth of Dominica has officially launched its new e-passport on 26 th July, 2021. Acting Chief of Police, Lincoln Corbette expressed, “Today marks a very important step towards the technological advancement of the policing and security of our borders.”

According to Corbette, “The system is well protected and the information on it is properly secured. The biometric passport contains a chip which makes it almost impossible to duplicate.” This guarantees that persons will be protected from identity fraud.

The Minister for Justice, Immigration and National Security, Honorable Rayburn Blackmore voiced, “It is time to move into a more advanced system that guarantees the best possible security for our citizens.” Moreover, the newly implemented system adheres to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and will allow Dominicans access worldwide.

Rayburn Blackmore

Corbette notes that the current machine-readable passport will be valid until 30 th July, 2023 and will pose no restrictions on travel for the next two years.

All persons interested in obtaining a biometric passport are required to submit their current or expired passport, a written application, two passport size photos, original birth certificate, certificate of marriage and certificate of naturalization where applicable.

Honourable Denise Charles

Acting on behalf of the Prime Minister, Honorable Denise Charles echoed that this Roosevelt Skerrit administration remains resolute in transforming the economy.

At current, Dominica is the first country in the OECS to issue a biometric passport and joins over k 3q150 countries who have issued e-passports since its inception.

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