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Director of Trade urged citizens to be prudent in livelihood choices to the current gas prices

Director of Trade urged citizens to be prudent in livelihood choices to the current gas prices

Director of Trade, Matthan J. Walter has urged citizens to be prudent in livelihood choices and adapt to the current high gas prices to ensure sustained comfort. 

Being led by the global Trends and indications on the prices of petroleum products during this period, the ministry of trade and commerce has regulated and announced the following prices retail for petroleum products In Dominica; Gasoline – $16.47, diesel -$16.58 , kerosene – $16.57. 

Walter said this price is kept lower than usual due to government’s intervention, by way of two subsidies.  

“Subsidy one is the waiver of the cost-of-service charge and subsidy two the application of a subsidy on the landing cost for both gasoline and Diesel. Without those subsidies the price of gasoline and Diesel would have been as follows in the Dominica gasoline $17.45 and Diesel $17.17 respectively.” 

He revealed that neighboring islands of Saint Lucia and Saint Kitts and Nevis, the prices of those products are as follows: In St. Lucia gasoline is $17.95 and diesel is also $17.95 per gallon. In Saint Kitts and Nevis, the price of gasoline is $17.83 and $18.88 because they have two different suppliers of that product, both per gallon and the price of diesel is $21. 92 per gallon. 

“Citizens the increase in prices is presently our new reality, it has to be remembered that where those products are concerned, Dominica and other Caribbean countries and across the globe too, are price takers are not price makers. We in Dominica especially are not producers of any petroleum products,” he said 

“I urge Prudence, in livelihood choices and adaptation to the current realities to ensure our sustained Comforts. The government of Dominica will continue to work towards easing, the burden Of this new reality on citizens as we tarry forward.” 

He stated there has also been a decrease in the retail price of LPG which is due to warm summers therefore, bringing more outside activities, less gas usage in the heating of homes. As a result of there is more supply on the market bringing down the price of the product. 

“In Dominica, a 20-pound cylinder is now $36. 62, which is a decrease of $2.21. The $27.5 pound cylinder is $49.98 a decrease of $4. The 30-pound cylinder is $54.43 a decrease of$4.37 cents and the 100-pound cylinder is $170.10 a decrease of $14.50.” 

Dominica has decreases across the board in LPG to the benefit of consumers on the ground said Walter “and the government will continue to work, understanding the present reality to ensure necessary products on the shelf” by working collaboratively with private sector importers and distributors and utility providers in Dominica. 

 “The aim is to ensure that regardless of the difficulties in these times our citizens continue to live comfortable and a sustainable way of life.” 

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