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Death Announcement of Danny Blanc most commonly known as “Tukuma” of Back Street Grand Bay

Death Announcement of Danny Blanc most commonly known as “Tukuma” of Back Street Grand Bay

It is with great sadness we announced the passing of Danny Blanc mostly commonly known as ” Takuma “ of back street GrandBay. He passed away on August 13 2023 at the DCFH.

He will be greatly remembered by his:

Mother: Agustina “Tisis” Blanc

Father – Pascalis Stuart

Daughter- Kisha Blanc

Grandmother – Rosa Gregoire

Brothers – Benaiah Jackson (in St.Thomas)

Omar, Patricson, Garvy, and Tashiya ( in USA)

Sister- Andra, Curby, Katia, Lynndrah, Cashma.

Many Nieces and Nephews to include: Naiandrah, Shaqkai and Shaqkoi Jackson (in St.Thomas)

Adopted Sisters- Amandel and Alison Alexander

Many Uncles to include Manchile, Earl, Frankie Peterson and Mitchel

Many Aunts to include Doreen, Milicent, Tesa ,Fancy, Lisa, Antonia, Elenora and Marian.

Grand Aunts to include Cudette, Jane, Minera, Rosaline, Furlyn, Isabelle, Marie and Virgin

Grand Uncles to include Lamburt, Philbert, Joseph, Jonhson, Fredo and Philip

Many Cousins to include Darlington, Ushie, Nyasha, Jahudah, Lynn, Debra, Glenda, Jeanine, Euan (in the USA), Abina St.Hilaire James (in St.Thomas), Joyce, Halo, Benjamin, Elyon, Ann, Arturo, Adams, Samuel, Abigail, Mertle, Isis, Vineta, Abina, Loben, Harina, Mingistwo, Vilma and Shane.

Special Fiends Marvin Cuffy, Stephan

Neighbors – Gregory, Linda, Cono, Smokey, Rosette, Fathead, Jiwo, Janet, Miss Clotid, JeanClaude, Miss Synthie and Coco Pan, Clive, and Neoline.

Special mention – Patricia, Dora, Bevo, Suzana, Claymas, Eugene, and T Bot.

All the descendants of the decease Una, Elsie, Young, Mineta, Mary Fountain.

The Fontain Williams Cuffy Family

Blanc Family in Hagley and Montine.

The Funeral service will be held Friday, September 8th at 3 PM at the Grandbay Roman Catholic Sacred Space. Viewing will begin at 2:30p.m.

Funeral Arrangements entrusted to Northeastern Funeral Association.

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