Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement of 60 year old Retired Fire officer David Robin better known as Mexi of Laplaine who resided in Marigot

Death Announcement of 60 year old Retired Fire officer David Robin better known as Mexi of Laplaine who resided in Marigot

We announce the death of Mr. David Robin retired Fire Officer better known as Mexi age 60 of Laplaine who resided in Marigot. He passed away on April 25th, 2022, at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital.

Left to mourn, Wife: Joan Robin (Employee of DASPA)

Children: Dave, Rhaun, Shanize, and Jadi Robin

Mother-in-Law: Lorna Bertrand

Six siblings including: Dan Robin and Flourence Jno Baptist

Aunts and Uncles Including: Merle, Ann, Jeff, Jenner, and Kent

Nieces Including: Sariah Robin and others

Nephews Including: Charlie Robin and others

Care takers: Erwin, Stephanie, and Huges

Sisters-in-Law: Nellie, Verna, Maude, Eugenia, Ermin, Grace, Claudia, and Vanessa

Brothers-in-Law: Henzil, Fitzroy, Myke, Brendon, William, Ashwood, and Patrickson

Godchildren: Kimberly, Shadey, Emalyn, Athnel, Calvin, Kiwana, Nicaise, Sisi, Sherwin, and Triscia

Nieces-in-Law: Leann, Patrice, Mitchanda, Thiea, Trice, Nicaise, Frizan, Olivia, Brianna, and Donna

Nephews-in-Law: Kerie, Shawn, Sherwin, Lara, K’Shan, Cairo, Fitzroy, Mickael, Jehseni, Kim, and Jaden

Cousins-in-Law: Mervin, Reginald, Randy, Afferly, Davina, Marcus, Peterson, and family

Son-in-Law: Jeffrey Durand

Private physicians, Nurses, Doctors & Ward Aids of the Alford Ward: Matron Matthew, Nurse Scotland, Edmund, Sebastian, Myler, St.Ville, Phillip, Anthony, Bonnie, Nalda, and Melow. Dr. Theodore Thomas, Dr. Cleona Peters, Dr. Severin, Dr. Winston Thomas, Dr. Jolly & Dr. Justin Fadipe.

Friends and Family in Marigot: Musgraves, Emily Moore and Family, Antoines, Joyce James and family, Marvlyn and family, Victors, Hendersons, Christophers, Velma Tongue-Austrie, Julianna Abraham, Robins, Martins, Charles, St. Rose, Armours, Robinsons, Carltons, Sylvesters, Mr. Harper, Daneila Dangleben, Albert,  Vessie, Kelly, Kerry, Rosa, Bethel, Mr. and Mrs. Naziro, Jones, Debbie, Tamar, Rodge, Jerry & Ruthlyn Frank, Abrahams, Lintons including Brian and Hon. Lennox Linton, Kristy Alexander and family, Jacqueline Dailey and family, Nelson Street family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Joseph, John-Ross, Natty, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Davis, Anton Viville, Mr and Mrs  Cameron, Honica Lawrence and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dodds, Mr. and Mrs. Flamingo James, Tishala Joseph, Delesia and family, Kervin Williams, Eve Pascal, Loise Bristol, Reginald Robin and Family, Mavis and Family, Amoy, Locton and family, Stevenson Robin and family, Stewart Paris and family, Princes, Ronald Walters and family, Pray associates, Ashille and family, Patricia Thomas and family, Cap Boland, Hazel Cadette and family and the entire Lasoie Parish.

The Durand family, Sally Maronie, Kelvin Robinson, Natural Petroleum including Curt Langlais, Dale Collington, Mrs. Vital and family, Nurse Denise, Lester Samuel, Janice, Mr. and Mrs. St. Claire, Matthew family of Bense, Officer Andrew, Theresa Jeremy, Kacey Adams, The Coipel Family, Officer Jeremy Matthew, Brian Tevney, Lloyd family, Erma Douglas-Leese, Erma from Castle Bruce, Dense Shillingford and Family, and Fast Company.

Attorney at Law: Jodie Luke, Dyer & Dyer Office.

Members of the Dominica Fire Ambulance Service, Police and Custom Officers, DASPA.

Excavation and Trucking Services

All the communities in Dominica, especially Grandbay, Laplaine, and Bense.

Many other relatives and friends, too numerous to mention.

Funeral details:

Venue: Wesley Roman Catholic Church

Date: Saturday 28th May 2022

Viewing: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Funeral Mass: 3:00pm

Internment: Wesley Roman Catholic cemetery


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