Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement of 51 year old Jona Rolle of Trafalgar

Death Announcement of 51 year old Jona Rolle of Trafalgar

We announce the death of 51 year old JONA ROLLE of Trafalgar who died on Friday, September 17, 2021.

Left to Mourn:  

2 children: Keira Charles in Texas and Kylan Dugue in Dominica

1 grandchild: Amal Abker in Texas

7 Siblings: Anelta, Miriam, Bentley in Dominica, Norman in Chicago, Cheryl and Alfred in Antigua and Carol in Guadeloupe

Nieces/Nephews: Caryl, Sarita, Wendell, Andzie, Leandra, Malika, Joel, Ritchie, Sherlon, Skylar, Paige, Jimmy, Julyna, Karige, Jeanette, Rickeem, Alicia, Armani, Alani, 

Grand Nieces/Nephews: Sarena, Marlone, Maily, Carson, Kailee, Kobe, Malorie, Shanie, Starr

Sister in Law: Nikki Rolle in Chicago

Nephew in Law:   Shon Savarin

Niece in Law: Maryann Bertrand

Uncle: Henry George, Jefferson and Peter Thomas

Aunts: Dona Esprit

Other family members : Francis, Matil, Ernie, Edgar, Jennifer, Doreen, Ivor, Junior,  Kato, Jerry and wife Valda in England, Miss Bernice, the Rolle and Noel Family in Laudat, Magloire family in Trafalgar, Thomas family 

Close Friends: Norris Charles, Stacey, Diana, Natasha, Calvin, Mickey, Alvin, Melo, Barbara and family, Collin and Irvin McIntyre, Natalie, Cyril, Berkey, Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Langford 

Other friends: Trafalgar Falls Vendors, Nurse Clarice, Pastor and members of the 7th Day Adventist Church of Trafalgar and the entire Community of Trafalgar, Friends in Guadeloupe

Other family and friends names too numerous to mention

Memorial Service for the late JONA ROLLE took place at the Bedford Memorial Funeral Home on Sunday, October 10, 2021 in Texas

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