Dominica Death Announcement

Death Announcement of 47 year old Marvis Jude Laudat better known as Marvo of Morne Rachette

Death Announcement of 47 year old Marvis Jude Laudat better known as Marvo of Morne Rachette

We announce the death of 47 year old Marvis Jude Laudat better known as “Marvo” of Morne Rachette who died at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital on Sunday August 29, 2021. 

She is survived by her parents : Fenton and Leomie Laudat 

Brothers : Gary and Sorondo Laudat

Sisters:  Brenda Laudat in St.Maarten and Juliette London in Antigua

Adopted Sister : Erica Jno-Baptiste in the British Virgin Islands

Nephews and Nieces: Dishon Joseph, Lindel Laudat in St. Maarten, Kayan and Argell London in Antigua, Odessa Laudat

Grand Nephew and Nieces: Kayan Junior and Aliah London in Antigua

Uncles:  Patrick Jno-Baptiste,Wilbert Adrien and Skelford Laudat

Uncles in Law:  Augustus Thomas

Aunts : Jana Peterson and Juliana Adrien in St. Maarten, Magnita Hughes in the US, Magna Thomas, Hilma Charles and Sonia Daniel in England, Margaret Adrien in Guadeloupe and Eunita Laudat in Statia. 

Aunts in Law :  Alice Adrien and Bernadette Jno-Baptiste

Cousins:  Alicia, Colbert, Jacqclaud, Dennis, Elroy, Herminia, Marvlyn George and Family,  Kurvan & Kevin, Julien, Jacqueline, Garvin & Nora in St. Maarten. Rosemary in Antigua. Corinthia, Stacy, and Ella in the US. Marilyn, Mark, Brenda, Steven, Loretta, Derrick, Albert, Tony, Desmond, Melinda, Athenia, Donna, Grinna Vidal & Family in England. Others to numerous to mention.

Friends :  Velma, Lamen and Susan Adrien, Doreen Shillingford, Francisca Toussaint Charles,   Petrolina Paul, Edline Pierre, Marsha Moody, Claron Paul, Beverly, Sheena, Andra, Miriam, Shanna & Shannin Joseph, Julia Lamothe, David Adrien, Raymond Fritz, Leroy Pierre Louis and Gomez Toussaint, Senator Nicholls “Shanks” Esprit, members of the Morne Rachette, Coulibistrie LYO, the Staff of Coulibistrie/Morne Rachette NEP, the Adrien, Joseph, Toulon, Shillingford and Jno-Baptiste families of Morne Rachette. The Laudat, Charles and Roudette  and George family of Coulibistrie, Mero and St. Joseph.

The late Marvis Jude Laudat will be lay to rest on Friday October 1st, 2021 at the Coulibistrie Gospel Mission Church and Interment at the Anse Cola Cemetery.

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    Our sweet and lovely Cuz! Our hearts are broken with your untimely passing! Our grief is tremendous with your loss! Only God knows how much we miss you. Gone but never forgotten! We love you! Fly high and dance with the angels, Marvo!

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