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World Rivers Day 2022 at the Hampstead Estate

World Rivers Day 2022 at the Hampstead Estate

As World Rivers Day 2022 approaches this Sunday, September 25th, we wish to thank all who have been using the Hampstead River responsibly, particularly those in the surrounding communities, for the marked reduction in the incidence of vehicle washing and littering in the river.  We appreciate your positive response to our call to use our rivers respectfully, and look forward to further cooperation and improvement.

We fully endorse the worldwide World Rivers Day 2022 press release, which states that World Rivers Day provides a great opportunity “to strive to create public awareness of the importance of rivers”, and “the urgent need to better care for our rivers and streams”.

This Sunday, World Rivers Day, we are doing a River clean up to begin the process of physically eradicating the invasive Elodea Pond Weed from the Hampstead River.  According to the Minnesota Infested Waters List, “This Canadian aquatic plant creates a dense mat on the water surface, which inhibits recreational activities [i.e., river bathing, river tubing, etc.], overtakes habitats, and outcompetes native aquatic plants.” It is a dangerous species which hinders the sustainability of native life.All are invited to join us at 12:00 noon this Sunday, September 25th, to commemorate the world’s largest environmental celebration. We will work together to remove this threat in an atmosphere of good fun, music, food and drinks.

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