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Tribute to teachers at DGS by Tana Valmond

Tribute to teachers at DGS  by Tana Valmond

HALLELUJAH!, To  GOD be the GLORY and HONOR,Great things HE has done !

My heart is overflowing with love, just reminiscing on the tremendous victory we have won .

It really doesn’t matter even if I am a Freshman in college ,believe me, we will NEVER  be apart !

Trust me,  everyone of you my DGS Heroes will  ALWAYS hold  a treasured place in my heart.

Today, I  honour the REAL SUPER STARS , who have inspired  me on my academic journey.

Believe  me, the taste of hard earned victory is definitely sweeter than sugar drizzled on  honey .

My cup is overflowing with  pure contentment as I  express my sincere appreciation and gratitude .

Thank you for instilling  in me great purpose, and the super power of having an optimistic attitude.

Our incredible team work has resulted in me capturing  10 beautiful Grade ONES  and a Two.

You all have worked assiduously, always reassuring me that I would successfully make it through.

I am beyond exhilarated to bring the much deserved spotlight to my beloved school, DGS.

Believe me you have absolutely no idea! I am beyond honored! Yes we did it, yes ,yes !

My beloved teachers, you have all uniquely and equally helped me  to spread my wings and fly ,

You have always held me accountable, always encouraging me to soar extremely high.

Today, I ecstatically share my immense joy and satisfaction with each and everyone of you .

Capturing the Top Female Award at CCSLC, is my heartfelt tribute to you too.


I will be  eternally grateful to my  phenomenal Principal, Ms. Alicia  Jean Jacques .

Your unprecedented leadership has definitely molded and kept me on the right  track.

I have been tremendously blessed to be in the presence of the exceptional DGS staff .

You all have ingrained in me core values and ensured that I always took  the best path.

Miss Durand and Sir Graham thank you for making my dream a reality.

For CCSLC in English and Mathematics I  successfully attained Mastery.

This catapulted me to capturing the CCSLC Regional Top Female Award.

Everyday I hope and pray fervently that you are compensated by the LORD .

Sir Gabriel Jno Baptiste,  thank you for masterfully leading me to triumphant  victory.

We did it! Capturing the FIRST GOLDEN GRADE ONE in Visual Arts  for my country.

Sir Hamilton ,Miss Jno. Jules and Miss Sorhaindo,  this CCSLC Award is my gift to you.

Let me tell you,  having competent teachers like you is very precious and profound too!

I  am extremely appreciative and grateful to the artistic genius, Mr.Gabriel  Jno Baptiste

He has fuelled my passion for Visual Arts,consistently encouraging me to always top the list.

It is with great joy that I applaud my compassionate ,Economics Teacher,  Mrs. Cornelius.

Thank you for truly being an inspiration and going above and beyond your call of duty for us.

 I am greatly indebted to Miss Louis for really elevating me so that I excelled in Physics .

A gigantic thank you to  Mrs. Gittens, for activating and propelling my love for Mathematics.

How can I ever repay Miss Seaman for creatively harnessing my capabilities in Biology?

 A special Thank You to Sir Raphael for successfully for igniting my enthusiasm  for Chemistry .

Round of applause and standing ovation for Mrs.Francis – Simon!

How can I ever forget my Physical Education Teacher Sir  Hamilton?

I will forever honour my first Visual Arts Teacher, Miss Attainea Toulon.

I personally couldn’t have asked for a more brilliant teacher than Miss Moulon.


You really think I could ever forget my P.O.B Teacher,  Miss Jno. Jules?

Never! She ensured that we were equipped with all the necessary tools.

Merci beaucoup Madame Philip ,vous  étes trés gentille, intelligente  et belle.

 si vous  ne me croyez  pas, demandez simplement  à nadel, yanson et romel .

Words can’t express my admiration for my beloved Miss Doreen Durand.

Heartfelt thanks to Vice Principals, Miss Darwton, Mrs. Junkere and Sir Scotland .

You fuelled my passion to win essay competitions locally, regionally and internationally .

I also had the privilege and honour to represent my school at the National Youth Rally.

Believe me, I had two fascinating years of English with Sir Augustine .

It’s no surprise, because with his guidance that we were destined to win .

I am sincerely grateful to my dedicated P.E Teacher , Miss Sorhaindo.

Honestly, I swear I can still see your radiant  smile chanting Go Tana Go!

Miss Alfred gave me every reason daily to count  my tremendous blessings.

Miss Maxime, my Class Teacher,  has been the wind beneath my delicate wings.

To all the DGS teachers ,what you have blessed me with is a divine treasure.

You are immensely blessed and highly favored ,no yard stick can ever measure.

Miss Jean Jacques, thank you for your admirable, 20 plus years of service .

I know that your incredible leadership will surely be missed at the office.

Honestly, winning this prestigious award is your beautiful  retirement gift.

Thank you for your effervescent humour when my spirit needed a gentle lift .

From the school security to the cleaners , I pray that God blesses you abundantly .

I could never have accomplished these magnificent results without my DGS family .

Yes we all did it together, to all my first to third form teachers, you rock  DGS!

Miss Felix ,Miss George ,Sir Lee, Sir Francis, all I  can say is Yes! Yes! Yes!


I say this with no apology !The remarkable staff of DGS is undeniably the best!

I am shouting from the roof top, you are better than all the rest, there is no contest !

Thank you Miss Stuart, Miss Francois, Miss R. Durand, and of course Miss Delsol.

Miss Francis, Miss Etienne, Miss Blair and Sir Royer,  you knew how to make me lol.

Honestly I get very excited ,my inner child glows every time we meet .

GOD bless you all from the crown of your head to  the soul  of your feet.

I  pray that GOD continues to shine his amazing face on the land of my birth .

Having  spectacular teachers like you, is definitely GOD’S precious gift to us on earth.

I love you my heart beat, my first love, I love Dominica Grammar School so very much.

Believe me this is not the end, I promise you that we will most definitely stay in touch .

I will be eternally grateful and thankful  to EVERYONE for giving me the SOLID FOUNDATION.

From  the depths of my heart, thank you for the  priceless gift of  a  QUALITY EDUCATION.

Tana Valmond made CXC(R) 2021 Top Performer Wall of Fame | Caribbean Examinations Council

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    We celebrate 🍾 your success with you and congratulations 👏 to you Tana Valmond. We were blessed to have you a, wonderful, caring and dedicated student. May the Lord bless you and your family as you pursue your dreams.

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