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Restructuring Of School Level Supervision For Secondary Schools

Restructuring Of School Level Supervision For Secondary Schools

The Education Minister Hon. Octavia Alfred has announced that a new structure has been approved for the supervision of Secondary schools.

She said that her ministry was tasked to develop a new structure to address the many complaints and support the professionalism, output, security, career development and upward mobility of the sector.

The minister noted, “The current school level organization structure lacks a clear career path and provides limited opportunities for middle management. It is within this context that the restructuring of school level supervision was proposed”.

The restructuring has created new and upgraded positions at the middle and senior management level. This is expected to allow for the strengthening of school leadership, accountability and efficiency within the education system.

The minister explained, “In addition to promoting professional growth, the structure provides opportunities for teachers to advance in responsibility and compensation while also allowing them to make significant contributions within the school system without having to give up teaching functions”.

She continued,  “These additional responsibilities include areas of curriculum development, supervision, monitoring, mentoring new teachers within their school and staff training, student discipline or serving as lead teachers in selected subject areas”.

Cabinet has approved the upgrade of seven positions of principals and the creation of the following new positions; 15 Deputy Principals, 7 Assistant Principals, 87 Heads of Department, 28 Senior Graduate Teachers, 70 Senior Qualified Teachers and 16 School Counsellors.

Also approved was an increase in the budgetary allocations for salaries to the Ministry of Education.

The restructuring will take effect in September 1,  2021.

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