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Notice of Delay of the National Bank of Dominica Ltd. 18th Annual General Meeting

Notice of Delay of the National Bank of Dominica Ltd. 18th Annual General Meeting

As part of the Board of Directors’ commitment to be transparent and engaging with shareholders on
fundamental business developments, the Board takes this opportunity to advise of the delayed hosting
of the Bank’s 18th Annual General Meeting.
This delay is due to several factors beyond the control of the Bank. The external auditing of the Bank’s
financial statements for the year ended June 30th 2021 is in progress and the time to complete the audit
has been extended due to post Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Acquisition related matters.
The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Acquisition related matters continue to be addressed by members of
the Consortium of Banks that acquired the assets and liabilities of the former RBC throughout the
Eastern Caribbean in April 2021.
Delays of this nature are not uncommon and are in fact typical of significant acquisition transactions.
The Bank continues to dialogue with the External Auditors (KPMG) and Regulators- (Eastern Caribbean
Central Bank (ECCB), and Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (ECSRC)) to approve
the necessary extension of the time by which to publish the audited financial statements under the
relevant legislation and regulations including the Banking Act 2015 and amendments and Securities
Act 2002.
The Board of Directors will notify the shareholders of the date of the 18th AGM in subsequent correspondence in accordance with the Bank’s by-laws.
Shareholders who may have any query and/or concern, should contact the Office of the Corporate
Secretary at 767-255-2320/2313 or email at
The Board of Directors expresses its appreciation to shareholders for your understanding under this
circumstance and regrets any inconvenience.
We look forward to engaging with and seeing you at the 18th AGM.

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